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Friday, February 17, 2012

“THINGS SPARK HAS TAUGHT ME” - What are five important things you have learned about health, nutrition, fitness, or yourself since joining Spark?

I haven't learned a lot about health, nutrition or fitness from Spark people I knew a LOT about it before I joined and also I use a lot of resources for information. I have learned quite a lot about MYSELF.

1, I HAVE STRESS. I knew I had a somewhat stressful life and a very small stress threshhold - partly due to illnesses that causes stress both physically and mentally. I did NOT realize how much daily living stressed me out and how much it affects my eating habits. I totally started mindlessly eating last week because 1) I was pmsing and didn't realize it cause I was early and 2) my baby neice is teething and kept screaming at me. I can't tolerate loud noises and between my bi-polar issues (where I'm ultra sensative to noise) and my fibromyalgia (that causes the same supersensativity) and my herniated discs/nerve issues are definitely lowering my stamina for stress.

2, I EAT EMOTIONALLY. I did not know that I did, but having actually kept track (due to doing the Spark Mind Over Body Challenge. I knew I ate during PMS but I wasn't aware of how much my emotions affect my ability to stay on track.

3, I have a LOT of negative talk in my head. I thought I was really good about staying mentally positive (especially being that I have clinical depression, bi-polar, and chronic pain) but I do not. The worst thing is, and how stupid is this?, I berate myself for having negative thoughts!! Talk about cyclic stinky thinkin.

4, I have a LOT bigger support network than I ever thought. The folks on SP really ARE wonderful support. I do not have much (read any) real face to face support (my friends are all about telling me what to do and my family is all about either ignoring me or telling me what I shouldn't be doing and should be doing and lecturing) and the folks, especially on the A&I site, are great support.

5, Okay, I didn't learn this on Spark but it certainly reinforced it... PEOPLE KNOW A LOT MORE THAN DOCTORS. It was from this site that I learned I have fibromyalgia. It was this site that got me on the right meds for it. It was this site that told me that no I wasn't crazy when I said my cramps were not made up and they HAD to be physically induced (come to find out it's from fibro - I have asked everyone from my massage therapists to my pain management doc and they all had a different reason that made no sense and my rheumotologist (who diagnosed the FM) said yes the cramps ARE from fibro).

The 6th thing I learned is SP is a LOT cheaper (and better) that therapy!! :)

I emoticon my emoticons
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sparkpeople has taught everybody a lot I believe.
    While we might think we really know about how to lose weight and all, we probably really don't once we get looking through this site!
    2618 days ago
  • NICKI109
    This is definitely the place to be. I too have much better support here than anywhere else. There is so much I can never say, but on here, everyone is so supportive!
    2619 days ago
    Thank you for sharing what you have learned with us. That's what is so special about this site - we are able to help each other identify what we need and learn from each other that there are other people who are dealing with the same issues. I'm so glad you are here and I'm happy to be your Spark Friend. emoticon
    2621 days ago
  • MISSA9
    HA! Love your last comment!! It is surely cheaper to loose weight with spark!
    2621 days ago
  • RFJSJ50
    I've always believed that being a successful Sparker requires that we embark upon two journeys. One is physical and includes nutrition and exercise and the other is a mental journey to learn who we are and why we are the person we are. Of the two, I think that is the most important journey.
    I'm happy to be one of your Spark supporters. Like you, I have very little support from family and friends. In their minds all I need to do is stop feeling sorry for myself and stop eating and then my world will be a wonderful place. You and I both know that it doesn't work that way!
    Stay strong and determined.
    Sheila emoticon emoticon
    2622 days ago
    Cool, you've learned a lot! I have too. When I started I THOUGHT I knew all about nutrition and fitness but I didn't know as much as I thought. It's taken a long time for me to realize I didn't know much though.
    2623 days ago
    emoticon blog, Lou! I think we all have learned different things by being on SP. Not just the usual assortment.

    2623 days ago
  • BARBIE176
    Isn't it amazing how much knowledge you can learn on your own and how powerful that knowledge can be. Whether you've learned about yourself from Spark or someplace else, you are doing amazing seeking out the knowledge. And, the best part is, you are now on your way to using that knowledge to better yourself. Don't ever give up because emoticon and you are making progress. Keep it up! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2623 days ago
    Knowledge is power and it sounds like you've gained a lot of that! It's great how wonderful SparkPeople is and how supportive it is! The best part is now that you know more about yourself you can do something about those "bad habits." I'm right there with you on many of your points!
    Hang in there because emoticon
    2623 days ago
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