Friday, February 17, 2012

This is my first blog post on Spark and I've been on Spark for about a month and a half now. I've been trying to use as many Spark tools as I can so I can have more chance of success to reach my goals. One of the tools as my disposal, is to blog. So here I am. Trust me, I know it sounds silly at first to collect points, write blog entries, read articles, join a community group, find a fitness buddy, take a poll and so on as a means to meet our goals - to those of us who are skeptical (or those who find the glass half empty and whatever's in it is probably watered down), we aren't buying it, initially at least. Suspiciously we wonder; how is that going to help me lose weight/fit into skinny jeans/let me lose the Spanx? I mean, really? Earning points by spinning a wheel? Maybe if I was in elementary school but c'mon....

Well, I have been converted, seen the light, whatever you want to call it. All the support and multiple outlets to support your goals does, lo and behold, help you succeed. Especially if, like me, you don't have any 'real life' support for your goals, the support is monumental to your success. Simply being immersed in the Spark environment is helpful. So how did I come to buy it? Simply put, it is helping me. Historically, I have been a yo-yo(-yo) dieter. Since high school, 9 years ago, I have constantly been in one of three states: crash dieting (which resulted in me giving up after 1-2 weeks from being unable to keep up with the rigorous diet and/or being frustrated from not seeing results); wanting to diet, yet not diet (e.g., 'I hate how I look' or 'I SHOULD eat this' but still eat it anyway); or partially accepting it's the way I am and I can't lose weight, but still not satisfied (e.g., 'maybe I'm at my set point and I just need to accept it'). No matter what state I was in, there was one common, overarching thought: I'm not happy with me.

From talking to others in group message boards, reading articles, logging calories, etc., I've learned so much about myself and how to make lifestyle changes. From doing the extras - like writing a blog post, spinning the daily points wheel, etc. - I've been reminded by my goals and successes which inspires me to continue. I have truly been making lifestyle changes. No, I'm not working out 5-6 times/week and eating only fruits and veggies, which I could not sustain in the past (and quite frankly wasn't effective for me - it might have been for the time I did it but in the long run, it didn't have many effects). Since I've joined Spark, I've truly realized how to many lifestyle changes, to remove the guilt out of eating, to still enjoy food, but do so in moderation, and to be healthy. It sounds so simple but eating is so psychological for me, my perception was too skewed to realize it before. This is the longest I've stuck to a 'diet' consistently which is an accomplishment in and of itself in my book. I splurge and eat unhealthy things and sometimes only make it to the gym 1-2 times/week but I'm sustaining this. And I'm taking it slow so I can be sure to reach my goals. It might take longer, but I'm doing it healthier. And in the long run, I believe it will help me to reach my goals. I am ready. I am set. And I am going.
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    Red, glad I'm not the only one ;) Right, it might not be the right reason at first but it gets you immersed in a healthy environment which is never a bad thing. Plus, I've also realized from the trivia qs and reading the articles, I am really increasing my knowledge about health and fitness :)

    Thanks, Kira :)
    2925 days ago
    Lol! I can relate to your initial feelings about the wheel spin, etc., but I am a convert as well. Last week, I noticed how close I was to the next points level, so I started following SP on twitter and read a bunch of articles to move up. So silly! But, I know that at the very least, doing all of these little things really keeps me motivated and in the right state of mind (that positive "I can do it" mindset). emoticon emoticon
    2930 days ago
    Good for you and I am glad this is working for you!
    2930 days ago
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