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Friday, February 17, 2012

I’m surprisingly upbeat, this morning. It’s not because I got a “full” night’s sleep – I got just shy of 6 and a half hours. Still have 6 dopey, angry sheep. I imagine it’s because it’s Friday. Maybe it’s just because my energy level is up because I’ve exercised every day for the last week. Dunno. Just gonna ride the wave till I fall off, I think.
Today’s numbers are… well, bloody brilliant, really.
Calories Burned (Target/Actual): 2263/2436. Boo-yeah! …I can’t believe I just said boo-yeah.
Calories Consumed: BMF 1763, SP 1630/1568. Under everything! Woo-hoo!
Calorie Balance: 500 deficit/868 deficit. Holy poop!
Physical Activity: 45 minutes (30 moderate, 15 vigorous)/1:19 (75 moderate, 4 vigorous). Again, I beg to differ. Did the 3 mile WATP, with the stretchy band. Plenty of vigorous. Still, 75 moderate is pretty spiffy.
Steps taken: BMF 8000, SP 10000/8863. Well, at least I beat BMF’s target handily. Not so much, SP’s.
Sleep: 8/6:24.

Still… on the whole, pretty darned impressive, yeah? OK, so some of it was because instead of a quick trip to BB&B, I had a slightly brisk trip to BB&B followed by a leisurely stroll through Marshall’s. I picked up two pairs of moisture-wicking workout pants, so I feel pretty good about that. I wouldn’t actually wear them out of the house; WAY too skin-tight and call WAY too much attention to bits of me I’d rather not have attention called do. But remarkably comfortable, for all that. Good thing I work out at home, eh?

On an unrelated topic, HOW HARD IS IT to understand the idea of a manila file guide card? Seriously? Three days, we’ve been arguing back and forth about how we’re going to replace what is currently in the files (empty place-holder files for the starts of sections). My idea was file guide cards. The person whose files were audited and got cited for having empty folders in is having trouble grasping the concept. Yesterday, I left an example on her desk, since she was having trouble wrapping her head around what is, for lack of a better way of putting it, the half of a folder with the tab. Today, I get a call asking me to come by so we can discuss it. WHAT’S TO DISCUSS?! IT’S A PIECE OF OAKTAG WITH A TAB ON THE END OF IT!!! AARGH!!!
I hate my job.

I know I shouldn’t let this put a dent in my mood. I’ll work on it.

A friend of mine sent me an e-mail this morning about an exhibition of jewelry for members of the Delaware Valley Bead Society. I don’t belong yet, but I’m planning to sign up. It’s a showing for the full month of March in the North Branch of the library. You’ll get your stuff back, so you can submit pieces that you love and don’t plan to part with.
She’s not accepting earrings alone, though, and a whole bunch of my best old stuff is earrings. That’s a shame. Ah, well.
It’s a huge opportunity, but it would basically mean making stuff this weekend because I don’t have anything currently on hand besides the rings I did with epoxy clay (which are nifty, but not something I want displayed, I think; too much of what they are is pre-made; all I do is embellish). If I’m going to display the epoxy clay stuff, it needs to be a pendant and maybe earrings as a matching set.
I don’t have anything like that made up yet. At least, not that aren’t already sold and gone.
And it needs to be done by Tuesday.
I both love and hate pressure.
That Victorian-looking bracelet I posted the pic of yesterday? That (plus a matching ring and earrings) was a commission for a friend. She gave it to me more than a month in advance… and I did it days before she needed it.
It wasn’t because I didn’t have the materials; I did. I just didn’t know what I was doing with them. It weighed on my mind, it poked and prodded at me, I felt incredibly guilty for days on end because I hadn’t done it. Finally, at just shy of the last possible minute, I did it. And it went so easily. I knew exactly what I was going to do, and for once, the picture in my head was EXACTLY what came out in real life. Well, with the bracelet, anyway. The earrings came out OK. I wasn’t particularly pleased with the ring.
Wait a minute. They’re looking for a set. I’ve already proven I can do one. This is stupid, why am I stressing over this?
Do I want to use the acrylic roses? Or no? They’re pretty, but a little cheesy. But if I get the titanium earstuds from my friend tonight, then I can put acrylic roses on them, and attach epoxy-clayed drops to them, and then make a pendant with a matching rose in it. I have clear Swarovski leaf-shaped flatbacks that might look really cool in that application. I have red ones, too, but I don’t think those’d work as well. I wish I had the olivine ones; maybe if I place a rush order…? No, they’d never make it here in time. I can… ooh. Oh, I so wish I could just leave work right now and go make jewelry!!!
Tonight’s a write-off; I’m going to Morristown to FINALLY get my glass jewelry, with the friend who e-mailed me about this display. So it’ll be fun, but I won’t get any work done. On the up-side, if the pendant from there came out as well as I hope it did.
Meanwhile, I’m sitting here, trying to figure out if I can make a rose stem out of teeny-tiny crystals. And if a spiral of crystals will be decipherable as a rose, or I should just stick to the acrylic ones. And which color? I have lots, but I don’t have RED, which is the one I want.
OOH! I could use the peridot mini-chips as grass, maybe! Or would that be overkill?
GAH! Brain on hamster-wheel. Such fun.
I just contacted the person who did the banner for my etsy site, and asked her to do a company logo for me based on the banner but much simpler. Because if you look at company logos that people remember, they’re simple – not a lot of colors (because lots of colors are expensive to have printed!), simple, memorable. Think of Apple, or Izod, or Intel. So once she does it, I’m going to start up a set of business cards. Once I have some stock, I’m going to take nifty photos, and put them on the next set of business cards, on the other side from the logo. And then we’ll be getting somewhere.
But I need $$ for the business mailbox, so I can put it on the bloody cards.
I think I’m going to end up taking it out of savings. I don’t want to, that wasn’t the plan, but I don’t think it’s going to happen any other way. It’s just a question of whether I do the 6 month or the year long price. The price for the year is higher, but more frugal in the long term; it’s just a question of whether this is actually going to, y’know, take off. Do I really need it for a year? Do I really need to spend $216? Or is $126 for 6 months the smarter plan for now? I’m leaning towards the 6 month price. And then it’s another $50 for the tax ID, and another $40 for 100 business cards, and $13 if I want 52 more stickers with the new version of the logo, … Man, it all adds up, doesn’t it? Plus etsy listing fees, which I’ve never even done yet, and PayPal fees if anything actually sells… eesh!
I really have no clue on this earth what I’m doing.
Other than making a set of jewelry this weekend. And possibly getting a mailbox.
And I’ve just found out that the lunch I planned on having at Moe’s today has been cancelled. I thought it might be, so I brought a back-up plan, but it’s not a very good one; it’s a gluten-free bagel. Not much substance, there. I don’t have any protein, or anything useful at all, really. Just something to fill me up in case my lunch got cancelled. So that’s going to screw up my food intake for the day. I mean, I brought all the rest of the stuff I usually bring (the veggies, and the Greek yogurt, and the fruit), so that’s OK; it’s just the entrée that’s less than stellar. Oh, and I have gluten-free tortilla chips, which is another carb. Shouldn’t eat them, they were to go along with the semi-healthy fajita I’d planned on having.
The tortilla chips are calling my name. They’re saying, “Jiiiiiill. Eaaaaaat me. C’mon, I’m not so bad. Honest. A serving is only 140 calories! I’m sitting RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF YOU. EAT ME!!!”
I think I need to put the tortilla chips in a drawer, or they’ll be gone well before lunch. When I shouldn’t eat them anyway.
I’m a crazy person today.
Actually, I’m kind of a crazy person every day.
But… more so, today.
I suppose I should go talk with the woman who makes me mad so I can find out what her brilliant idea for separating folders is. Ick. That’s seriously going to put a crimp in my day, I’ll tell you.
OK, I’ll stop for now, I think. I may very well come back later; I did yesterday, after all, and it’s really quite early today, and I’m already bonkers; it’s only going to get worse from here….
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