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Hypothyroid, Sleep Apnea, and a Bad Gall Bladder! Oh MY!?!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh I am so messed up.

I was feeling just terrible for the last two years and I finally declared war on feeling awful and started with my Migraines. This month I double my migraine medicine and it is helping.

I have very large and painful cysts on my ovaries that cause terrible abdominal pain and I am working through that. There isn't much I can do about them but I changed my doctor/gyno and the new one diagnosed a gall bladder problem in about 10 minutes. WOW. Nice.

The gall bladder has had terrible nausea, acid re-flux, heartburn, and severe to moderate abdominal pain. I am looking forward to fixing that. So far we have done some sonograms. I have some great over the counter stuff for the heart burn and nausea.

I got my thyroid test done. My doctor thought it was normal but I politely but sternly disagreed and requested another more thorough blood panel or I was going to a different doctor. The second panel proved what I thought that I did have hypothyroidism and I getting that treated finally. He is a nice man and to be honest the first test did show I was normal on the old system but on the new system for thyroids I am "high."

I asked for and got a sleep study. I found out that my exhaustion is caused by sleep apnea. My sleep apnea is caused by my facial structure. I have a small jaw and overbite and huge tonsils and adenoids. This combined with my hypothyroidism that causes swelling in my throat can cause me to stop breathing at night. While losing weight may help a little my sleep specialist assured me that it is more likely that the apnea and exhaustion caused my obesity, not the other way around. I found out I stop breathing on average 20 times an hour. Wow. I knew I was an insomniac now I know that even when I am sleeping I am not getting any quality sleep. We are going to try out a CPAP. I am excited to try one and hopefully finally get a good nights sleep.

I declared war on being ill and I found out that after spending every weekend in a doctor's office for the last two months that sometimes you can't win every battle. I can't make my cysts stop. There is nothing I can do about them other than change to a much more expensive birth control which may slow them down. The migraines can be managed but not stopped. I found out that I had a traitorous gall bladder and that the Benedict Arnold can be chucked out. To it I say good riddance! My sneaky thyroid finally got caught acting up. I suspect it has been naughty all along. I will, with my doctor's help bring the dear thing in line. But most importantly I found out that the longest battle, my war I thought I had won with sleep, is not over.

I know I will feel better but right now I feel really burdened. I am tired and sad and just want the pain to stop. *sigh* But I am fighting, and I know that it will make me strong.

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    good morning peeps winter is finale here woop woop :-}
    729 days ago
    I am glad that the war you declared is getting you some answers. I sure hope that the CPAP works well for you. A good night's rest is the foundation of health. I hope that you can get your foundation all set in place.

    I wish you good luck and improved health.

    Keep us posted.

    2286 days ago
    I am so sorry emoticon to hear about all of your woes right now. Just remember things can get better and getting healthy with the types of foods you eat and exercise may not cause them to go away, but hopefully it will help you manage them. emoticon
    2286 days ago
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