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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ah, yes, another, whiny, complainy blog.

Urgh, gotta get out of this f-ing funk!

I feel completely discombobulated, I feel uncomfortable.
I weighed down, I feel insanely bloated.

Why do I want to feel like this when I know damn well eating right and moving my arse makes me feel so much better?

Valentine's Day starting out lovely, but it ended up being a major bust with my husband and I still not speaking to each other.

I'm tired of thinking about food and weight. I tired of calories and fat grams. I'm tired of wishing and hoping to get thinner. I'm tired of being whiney and complainy. I'm tired of obsessing about every bite going into my mouth......

Uh no.......

It sounds like my OCD is back. Maybe getting off my OCD meds wasn't a great idea. Maybe I'm not as strong as I thought, or maybe I'm just not working hard enough. Maybe I have given up on my being thin and athletic Maybe it's just too hard for me. Maybe it's not meant to be.

Urgh......I HATE the way I sound and feel now.

I need a good ass kicking!

Thanks for reading and the support at this whiney and complainey time!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I hope this is a temporary "blah" and not something deeper. emoticon We all need to vent sometimes, and you're "safe" with us!
    2283 days ago
    A little ranting and venting is perfectly acceptable. Keep on shoutin' it out and trust that you will get yourself through this.
    2285 days ago
    How many calories does whining and complaining burn? You may have it upon a new exercise routine.

    Kiss and makeup with hubby. Someday you will be as old as I am and want as much love as you can squeeze into what is left in life.
    2289 days ago
    Would it make you feel any better if I joined right in with you. I was at CostCo with my friend today and we went down the vitamin aisle. I asked, "Where's the pill that will make me thin?" She said that there isn't one and if there was, I'd probably die before I got skinny (I know, it's not healthy), but, that's where my head is at right now. So, move over and let me whine with me!!
    2290 days ago
    2290 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    I have been off my anxiety meds since summer 2009 BUT after a V E R Y stressful year I went back on them last week. I just knew that my mental state was not healthy and alas I am feeling sweet sweet relief. I was where you are. Not saying this is what you should do but my gut feel is saying that perhaps you should rethink the meds.

    2290 days ago
    Whine and complain away!

    I get into little rutts every now and then. Instead of just feeling guilty about every "bad" thing I do, I take a break. I will give my self a week to regroup. No working out other than walking the dogs, I will eat without having to measure and weigh everything. It can get taxing afterall.

    Usually, by Friday, I feel like crap b/c I haven't worked out in so many days, and I ate a little too much junk. Saturday, I get pumped up to get back at it, so when I do my groceries, it's nothing but 100% good for you food in the cart. Sunday, I cook up lunches for the week, prep all my freggies and pack my gym bag.

    Monday morning, I gripe and moan about getting up early, I force myself to get to the gym (Hubby making me also helps) and even though that 1st workout after a week off is a major killer, I feel better the rest of the day. This also sets me up to realize how crappy I felt not doing the good stuff to my body, so I actually welcome a tight healthy lifesytle schedule again.

    I've done this 3 times now. Have I hit my goal? Nope, but I know that is because of my crappy snack habits in the evenings, not taking a week long break.
    2290 days ago
    *kicks* C'mon girl, you can do this!
    2290 days ago
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