V-Day...or in my house, regular Tuesday with hearts and whining.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hearts, flowers, candy, jewellery, thoughtful cards, candlelit dinner...these are all things I did not get this Valentine's Day. In fact, my day would have been better if I'd had no "Valentines" at all! This is horrible to have to blog about, but I suggested this as a bonus in the Elite challenge this week myself and didn't want to be a hypocrite!

What I did get:

--One sick "baby". My four year old has been sick since Friday, REALLY sick since Sunday. Since Sunday, she's been up at night every 1-2 hours and sleeping in my bed (she is really sick), which means I'm not actually getting any sleep. Took her to the doctor yesterday morning...where they told me that she just has a virus and to ride it out. Baloney. This is not a virus. She's getting worse and worse, and I was told to bring her back Friday if she's not feeling any better. So I have to try to manage this for another 2 days, and hope we don't have to do to the ER before then. She has been bouncing back and forth between pathetic invalid and power meanie since Sunday...she's never been known to suffer in silence. :) So...this is turning out to be one miserable week based on the little sicky bear alone.

--One ungrateful 10 year old. Even though I'm super stressed over the Sick One, I'm exhausted, and quite frankly, never super cracked about V-Day in general (I've never been lucky enough to have a man who does anything on the day)...I still managed to make sure to pick up gifts for the girls and my hub, throw up some decorations, buy a heart shaped cookie cake, and get their favorite take out for dinner. I was feeling like an All-Star for managing this under the circumstances this week until my 10-year old looked disgustedly at my efforts and said, "What? We're not doing anything for Valentine's Day?" Seriously? What did she expect? She's TEN...and she's lucky she got ANYTHING! I don't care what kind of week I'm having...she's not getting diamonds or a mariachi band. "Not doing anything"...indeed.

--One soon to be ex-husband. I'm exaggerating...not really going to divorce him, but once again, he's managed to make Valentine's Day one of the crappiest days of the year (second only to my birthday). In addition to being ZERO help with either of the kids, the sick one or the brat, he got me nothing, did not even say Happy V-Day, and complained all night about his explicit detail. I rented a movie for us to watch, to at least try to have some kind of together time yesterday...which he was "too busy" to watch. Mr. "my tooth hurts so bad I can't rock the sick one for 10 minutes so you can pee" spent the whole evening playing video games. Which were apparently so important, that he couldn't watch the movie that I picked out because HE wanted to see it, and could personally care less about.

--One sad, 30 minute walk. The only break I got from the field hospital today was to run out to pick up dinner...where they had lost our order. So while I was waiting for them to make the food, I walked up and down the plaza the store is located in. It was better than nothing, but it was not satisfying in the least, and did not make up for the fact that I missed Spin!

--Another sleepless night. The Sick One is still sick. 'Nuff said.

I know a lot of the single people on here were upset about V-Day, not having someone, having to see the "happy" people, etc. I just want to let them know they weren't missing anything. :)
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    I always buy myself flowers the day after valentines day because they are cheap. My hubbie thinks Valentines Day is dumb so I hear ya! I just have come to not expect a present and I buy myself flowers because I enjoy them.
    2585 days ago
    I hate Valentine's Day. I have for years. It is a holiday based entirely on making people feel bad (I really believe it) If you are single, that is a glaring fact that makes you feel awful (even though there is nothing awful about it.) If you are with someone, the hype and commercialism that you are bombarded with from the moment Christmas is over is nauseating. Then the expectations that are psychologically pounded into your brain set your guy up to take the fall because he will never show up with a Lexus or a Pandora Bracelet or one of those "Leo" diamonds-the ideal, ideal cut diamond. He also isn't going to Jared. If you get some flowers your lucky. So you end the day feeling disillusioned with your life no matter what side of coupledom you reside in. BTW, how is it that I somehow feel cheated if I didn't get a Pandora bracelet when I hate those things. I am so relieved to be done watching the Zale's and Kay commercials, 4 solid months of those cheesy things every year. Blech!

    I got a pre-order of The Game of Thrones which is coming out March 6th. That means a card with a picture of the box of Blu-Rays that will come sometime early next month. I specifically told my fella that if he was going to do anything, that is what I wanted.
    2588 days ago
    I'm sorry about your day, but even in misery - your humor and sarcasm make me laugh - sorry : )
    I know how tough it can be when your little one is ill - I hope this all passes quickly. Sorry about the DH, too - mine's not much better - he called me from work to say happy V-day - because he'd just come from a meeting where they mentioned it. I could have told him he needs to go buy flowers for me, as I usu have to if I want anything - then I just pretend like it was a thoughtful surprise. Yes, pathetic. This year - v-day just made me think about chocolates - so I just wanted to forget it even existed.

    2589 days ago
    I think Valentine's Day was invented by Hallmark...either them or DeBeer's (the diamond company). emoticon
    2589 days ago
    Hope your little one soon feels better!

    My husband has never been interested in celebrating any holidays - not even his own birthday! On the other hand, he has always been very helpful any time that the kids were not feeling well or I needed a break!
    2589 days ago
  • JANDK156
    I think I'm going to just plan to do lunch with the girls in the future! LOL!
    2589 days ago

    I feel for ya....soooo much....
    2589 days ago
    I think it sucks *way* more to have someone in your life who does nothing; than having no one in your life. This from someone who has been on both sides of that equation!
    At least you got some exercise in :)
    2589 days ago
    Sounds similar to some of my past V-day war stories. I'm surprised you didn't hand dh a pair of pliers to take care of his tooth. My dh all time low was one V-day when he went 4 blocks to the store, bought some non-V-day stuff, came home and told me about all the guys he saw buying their ladies stuff for V-day and he didn't even think of me when he saw this. He was bragging! I have rarely thrown a tantrum as bad as that. He seemed so hurt that I got that mad. Now a days we just enjoy each others company. So sorry your little one is so sick and the 10 year old has such an attitude. Makes things that much more difficult. Give little one a hug for me and give yourself one too. Know those sleepless nights with a sick kid. Hope both of you get some rest soon. emoticon emoticon
    2589 days ago
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