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Need Some Sleep

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I’m sensing a trend, here.

We’ll start with the numbers, today, I think.
Calories Burned (Target/Actual): 2263/2384. Okey dokey.
Calories Consumed (Target/Actual): BMF 1763, SP 1600/1728. A little higher than I’d like. Blame Dad’s GF bagel gift. Interestingly, as it turns out… Udi’s bagels aren’t so good when they’re fresh. They’re not BAD, they’re just every bit as much unlike a real bagel fresh as they are toasted, and they actually taste better toasted, so… I’m just going to pop them in the freezer and get to them when I get to them.
Calorie Balance: 500/656. Nice!
Physical Activity: 45 minutes (30 moderate, 45 vigorous)/1:06 (47 moderate, 19 vigorous). Sweet! Thanks to my nifty new Reeboks! :-)
Steps Taken: BMF 8000/SP 10,000/8750. OK, not as good as I’d like, but at least I beat one goal.
Sleep Duration: 8/6:19. Feh.

So… not too bad. Which is borne out by the scale this morning, which pegged me at 172.3. That’s down from 175, this time last week.
I’ve been weighing myself too much; I think it’s the novelty of actually having a scale, which I’ve never had during any of my weight loss attempts before. I just had the Wii Fit, which while a nifty gadget… I never really trusted it as a scale. Nothing I’ve had to take all the screws out and mess about with the innards of, my own self, can be that accurate. Plus I had the Jenny Craig scale, which was actually nicer to me than my Wii Fit. And then twice a year, I have my endocrinologist’s scale, which is my favorite of them all; definitely pegs me lower than any other scale I have access to.
Anyway… yeah. Too much weighing of myself. It’s cool, though – I’m trying not to let the numbers affect me too much. Well do I know that the number on the scale is not wholly representative of the changes going on in my body. Not that I’ve noticed too many of those yet (though at a guess, my boobs are shrinking. *sigh* Always the first to go....), but again… it’s a week. Patience is a virtue. Not one I’m generally known for having, but now would be a great time to work on that, because this is not going to be easy.
I do wonder, though, if it’ll be like that first few months on Jenny, when I was just dropping weight like mad. I wasn’t being unhealthy (unless you count eating JC’s food as unhealthy, which is another issue entirely); just eating exactly what I was told (even down to travelling with those nasty travel meals that exploded in hotel microwaves everywhere I went) and working my buns off (literally) with Wii Fit. Funny to think that was the only workout tool I really used, that first time. It worked, though – those first 20 pounds practically fell off. It’s how I was convinced to drop my goal weight from 160 to 140; if it was going to be this easy, why not? But that’s when things got hard; I had to fight for every single one of those last 10 or so pounds I lost, while on JC.
And now that I think about it, I’m smack in the middle of those 10lbs, now. I had to give up Jenny at about 167lbs. I’m at… we’ll call it 173, since I have a feeling that 172 isn’t going to last long, just yet. It’ll be back, and right quick, but it’ll fluctuate a bit above that first.
See? Weighing myself too often, but not taking it too seriously. :-)
It’s weird to realize that I picked the toy up a week ago tonight. Tomorrow, it’ll be a week wearing it. It seems both that I’ve been wearing it way longer, and I haven’t been wearing it nearly that long. Then again, I feel similarly about my job; I haven’t been here that long, and I’ve been here FOREVER.
They laid off 14 people yesterday. Most of us are not happy about that. I don’t think I knew any of them personally, but a lot of them had been here even longer than me, and at 5 years, I’m considered a veteran.
Today is V-D. Not my favorite holiday. Even when I’m seeing someone (not that that happens very often), it’s not my favorite holiday. It’s too much pressure. Though I do wish I had someone to wear lingerie for; I have some nice stuff I bought at Hips & Curves last year, and I’m rapidly shrinking out of it. That started before I bought the toy (which I’m really going to have to come up with another name for; “the toy” is just lame. If you have any ideas, feel free to chime in), when I developed all my GI issues. It’s easy to drop weight when you get sick every time you eat; I barely fit into the patent leather lightly-boned corset for Halloween without it slipping off, and I had to add padding to the decolletage, which I have never, ever had to do. I’d probably fill it out a bit better, now, but not by much. So it’s a shame I don’t have anyone to show such things off to, before I no longer have such things to show. Alas, I’ll just have to buy new sexy lingerie when I’m smaller. Such a hardship. LOL! The good news is that sexy lingerie for small people costs way less.
Oh, yeah – I promised to post a picture of that, didn’t I?
Eesh. OK, I’ll try to find one. Hang on.
Alright, got one. I’m not really looking at the camera, but it’s actually the best shot of the outfit.

So – there you go. I didn’t do Catwoman, but as promised all those months ago, I DID wear the corset. I went with Dark Fairy. I already had the wings and the wand from the Road Rage fairy a couple of years ago, so it wasn’t a stretch. I did have to learn a new and interesting eye makeup technique, that I had to accomplish with the assistance of YouTube. I’m such a moron at the girlie stuff….

Tired and anxious today. Not a good combination.
Not doing very well on writing a cohesive blog, either.
Maybe I should stop now, and then if my brain decides to work later, I’ll come back. Probably won’t happen, so you’ll be off the hook for the day. ;-)

For what it’s worth… I know there are only a few of you reading this, but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate it. Hopefully I’ll have more interesting or entertaining things to say as things continue forward. In the meantime, thanks for taking the time. It means a lot to me to know someone’s out there and listening to me blather on about my insecurities and obsessions.
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  • JKM822
    Ooh, Body Cop! Like that!
    No, I don't blame you for not running out and getting one. You did just fine on your own without expensive BS; why start now? I'm on the other end of the spectrum: Jenny Craig, personal trainers I saw once but continued to pay for for a year because I couldn't get out of the contract, $70/mo gym memberships I rarely used (I did get rid of that one; I bought a car, so it became necessary. That was years ago, though; now I have a $20/mo gym I rarely go to)... I'm always throwing money at this same problem, and historically, having limited success. Whether this one will buck the trend or be more of the same... remains to be seen. It is interesting, though!
    Not REALLY stressing about V-D, except that people keep asking why I'm not wearing red. At least no one's asked if I have any plans yet. I do - grocery shopping an exercise. Fantastically romantic, innit? ;-)
    2622 days ago
    If you get any more interesting or entertaining, I'll never do any work. emoticon

    Glad to hear your Body Cop is working out better than you seemed to anticipate at first. I have to say, I am intrigued by it but just don't want to think about scraping up (or justifying) that kind of money. Being thrifty is one reason I'll probably never belong to a gym, and I have to say, I've managed to lose 70 pound without one, so why get all spend-crazy now?! But tracking actual calories burned and especially the sleep...I dunno, it does sound good. So I am really appreciating the honest reviews!

    Annnnyway, I'm glad you're making progress without JC (personally, I do believe forgoing her is far more healthy). And try not to stress about V-Day. Looooong-term BF and I have never observed it, so just "not having someone" alone isn't the only thing that can preclude you from the expensive and pressure-laden festivities. emoticon
    2622 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/14/2012 11:16:00 AM
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