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Monday, February 13, 2012

I feel like a slug.

No really.

I made a conscious decision to take Friday as a rest day, in anticipation of walking 11+ miles on Saturday. I was all enthusiastic about walking in the snow - I was READY!

Until a) I ended up sleeping in a lot later than usual on Friday, forgot to plug in the crockpot so dinner was late, and only remembered I needed to get to bed early once it was too late to make that happen and then b) I got up Saturday morning (after 3 hours of sleep) to find out the temperature wasn't even going to MAKE it to 20 degrees before 8am and the wind chill was 4 degrees. I was actually waking up pretty well, so I was tempted to try it anyway. But 4 degrees? Neither my daughter nor I have lungs that deal well with super cold temperatures. We did okay in the 30s thanks to my inhaler, but that number worried me. I think if it'd been one or the other (no sleep vs. 4 degrees) I'd have gone ahead and given it a shot, but the combination just seemed a little risky to me. So I called my daughter, begged off, and went back to bed. And then slept until 2:30 PM, thus pretty much blowing Saturday all to heck. Oh we had a lovely dinner at around 10:30 PM and an even lovelier date night ('cause they are always awesome, seriously), but between that and then sleeping until afternoon today I feel like I slept the entire weekend away.


So yeah. Slug. It doesn't help that I didn't eat terribly well either. 'Yote pointed out to me tonight that my cycle this month was "more typical" (as in, typical for most women, not specifically typical for me) than usual, noting the massive need to inhume tons of chocolate that I normally don't have to contend with. So I guess I can chalk some of it up to that, but still. I think I'm still laboring under the massive pile of work stress that just doesn't seem to let up. You'd think I could shake it off on my days off...not so much, apparently.

And honestly, if I could have just stayed in bed until tomorrow I'd have been happier. I so so so so SO don't want to be here (at work) right now. I've had the mainframe maintenance looming over my head the whole time I've been off, trying desparately not to think about it too hard . *sighs* Nothing but to just muscle through it and hope it isn't as horrible as last time, I guess.

Tonight as I was getting ready for work, my new size 16 pants felt a little tighter than they had. This is NOT acceptible.

So whatever else happens today (well, assuming I get off at 7am as I requested to cover those 4 hours per pay period I don't get overtime for like everybody else since they moved me back to 9p-9a as of today dammit - not like anyone bothered to respond to the e-mail to let me know if it was okay or not), the daughter and I will be hitting the gym. I need back on that horse. Plus, I suspect part of my current malaise is simply due to the fact that I haven't exercised in 3 days - the guilt of not going on Saturday notwithstanding, I'm just not used to inactivity, and I think the body doesn't like it much.

SO, onward.
I can do this.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You had a bad weekend, as we all do. Just get back on that horse, and keep on riding.

    Or get back to the gym and keep on treadmilling...whichever is more realistic.

    Seriously, these things happen. You're dealing with mucho stress at work, which would throw anyone into a tailspin. You can get through this, and get back on track. I know you can.

    2561 days ago
    Your doing well, and I believe in you.
    2561 days ago
    2561 days ago
    Yes, you can do it. You've had a down couple of days. When you get back to the gym, you'll feel much better. Good luck.
    2561 days ago
    i totally get you on this.
    but we carry on!
    Love the pic btw
    2561 days ago
    Oh, I have been there too. Take care of yourself. And don't beat yourself up over the past. What's done is done. Just look forward to a better week this week!!
    2561 days ago
  • MSBLT82
    2561 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    Hugs. Sometimes that's all you can offer.
    2561 days ago
    This may be a patch of rough road, but it isn't a dead end.
    Just brace yourself and carry on!

    Best wishes,
    2561 days ago
    Your body told you it needed rest. Now it is telling you it needs to move. OK, sounds good to me. The work stress worries me...for you...though!
    2561 days ago
    Stress plus hormones equals NEED of sleep and/or chocolate. Hugs!!
    2561 days ago
    i'm with some of the others,your body was asking for rest and you gave it. now, get back to eating and exercising and it might reward you with a nice scale never knows!
    2561 days ago
  • MISSG180
    Every once in a while our bodies demand slug days. Don't beat yourself up for it. You'll be back to normal after this.
    2561 days ago
    rough days are to be expected. The weather and lack of sleep sounds like the perfect storm. I agree with the others... now that you've beat yourself up over it you can move along. :)

    Slugs might not move fast, but they definitely move forward.
    2561 days ago
  • MAGGIE101857
    Good job beating yourself up!!! emoticon NOW emoticon it!!!

    emoticon I like to think that when we have days like you had, you were simply listening to your body and giving it a rest! You have been working so very hard and sometimes we just need to take a break, mentally and physically. Not to mention the "unmentionable"!!! Being a woman is tough - enough said!!

    Back to your
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon today! Hopefully you will get to see the emoticon and the emoticon won't be too low today!!! Happy Monday!!!
    2561 days ago
    Okay kiddo, now that you've vented, tell yourself "I am now ready to move on". I know you can do it. You always have!! You, my dear friend have ALWAYS been a fighter & have ALWAYS bounced back. I can see it now, "I did it, I'm back in my true form".
    As for the pants, don't forget that since it is your time of the month, that DOESN'T help for the pants to be just a bit tighter. You know that weight goes back to normal as soon as WE are back to normal.
    BTW, I too LOVE your background picture! It's a real hoot.
    2561 days ago
    Make TODAY the turning point!
    2561 days ago
    Sounds like a rough weekend!! But you can do this!! I love the picture quote in your post! That's so true!! Hope this week is better for you!

    And just had to tell you that I love your background with the pig on the treadmill!! It makes me smile!!
    2562 days ago
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