Sunday, February 12, 2012

This blog finds me feeling optimistic that I may finally be headed in the right direction for healthier eating... and losing weight.
A few weeks ago, I watched the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. It was about juice fasting and regaining health. I actually enjoyed the movie. It is on Netflix. Well, I thought about it and it didn't sound all that bad; except I don't have a juicer and my garden is not large enough yet for such a task. So, I decided to try a smoothie for each lunch. I believe in moderation anyways, so rather than just juice, I opted for one meal a day - lunch. I wandered to the local smoothie bar, and YES! They sell fresh juice as well. That made my day. No longer a smoothie but a juice became the plan. I make it down there 4 or 5 times a week for lunch. It's not cheap; but neither is anything else these days. I have found that usually a 20 oz juice will fill me just fine for lunch. If not, I make sure to eat other things right away and not allow myself to forage or snack. My favorite juice is a cucumber base, with some kale, beets,celery, carrots, and maybe some ginger.
The second success? I am much better at only three meals a day, or at least not eating for at least 3 hours. It's been a long time since I've done that well. I begin my day with some thing light like toast and tea. (I'm still off of coffee... except a 'social' cup on the weekend with my hubby or when it seems appropriate) I make sure I am FULL. I listen to my body, as I should of been doing all these years of over eating. I remind myself, looking at the clock... that I am not to eat for three hours (and that would be _:__.) Sometimes, I get hungry a bit sooner; but it's easy to hold out a bit longer with a glass of water IF I go do something constructive. I guess I used to think foraging was something constructive. Wow. I've really got to put that in the past. Next comes the lunch of juice or something light if I don't have the money. If I am working hard and find that I truely am hungry later, I try to wait three hours. Period. Then I may have a light snack and cup of tea. Often, by the time I've heated up the tea and gotten into doing something contructive... the hunger is gone.... !!! And then I remind myself that dinner is at such and such. I'll begin cooking soon. Since hubby really likes coming home to a good meal, that is the big meal of the day. I still remind myself to listen to my body and if it is full. I try to serve alot of vegetables; so there are choices in how to fill the plate and make it healthy.
The results from the last few weeks? I feel less bloated. I have been quite tired; but hubby and I have had a few viruses since Dec. Not sure if it's that I'm healing from over eating, or healing from the viruses. Either one, I don't feel the extra rest has been a bad thing; other than I don't get as much done. When I am awake, I am more functional.
All in all, I am happy with where I am at. Not sure how much I weigh, because I still do not own a scale. But, my clothes are much more comfortable on me than they were a few weeks ago.
I still need to find ways to work in some of the workouts on Sparks. I haven't been walking, and need to do that too. Exception: today hubby and I did go out... and I was feeling pretty good and was power walking.
Optimistic. This is it. This body is going to get back in balance... at least as much as a person my age can expect. I am going to see a thinner me .... by Easter? I hope so.... and I say that believing it may actually happen!
Cheers! I raise a juice glass and toast to the journey!
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  • XENA1956
    Fantastic! I should give that plan a try, I do have a juicer so would loved to hear about this plan your using. Let me know or give me a call soon. OK xo Teri
    3425 days ago
    You are making great progress! I eat one fruit before ea meal. I didn't remember or didn't know it takes an hour; I read that book but many many years ago. I've also seen parts of Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead, not the whole thing as I don't have Netflix, but saw some on You Tube. I'm not ready to juice but am glad to know about it in case I ever need to for health reasons. Right now have to find a job before I can afford to buy greens.
    3456 days ago
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