Pants on backwards

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Three days in a row last week I was up at 4:30am for my workout. This is "not" a normal routine - trust me. emoticon

While working out one of those three days - I can't remember which cuz I'm half asleep emoticon I kept pulling my pants up. I mean every almost every move I was pulling and yanking.

In my sleepy stupor I figured my butt must be shrinking - my hips and thighs have finally decided to find a home somewhere else. Ladies, if any of you find that you're adding inches in those areas you're probably benefiting from my virtual donation through the web. emoticon

As I was getting into the shower I figured out the problem. I had my damn pants on backwards. emoticon Who does that!!!!

So no, I have not worked my butt off - it's still here but the hips and thighs are whole lot tighter and no jiggly parts... emoticon

Next time, I should turn the lights on in the morning but that would be boring and I'd have nothing to blog about.

Keep on Sparking Y'all
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