Sugar cravings! Or, "Don't eat M&M's off of the floor!!"

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I've been stuggling with the sugar this week...big time. I'm not kidding when I say I found an old M&M in my daughter's room last night, and had the urge to eat it. SO disgusting, but true. Thankfully I managed to pull out of that tailspin and abstained from indulging in an old dirty M&M...but WHOA did it make me stop in my tracks!! I've been in a bad place with sweets all week...while I haven't had an outright binge, it's been making me really uncomfortable. Cranky. A little crazy at times. Like a junkie needing a fix, sweets have occupied most of my food related thoughts this week. I've been thinking things like "Not good" to myself all week, but laziness kind of took over, and I decided to take the "wait and see" approach to overcoming this little SNAFU. The M&M incident last night has made me change my thinking on the subject. I need to do something NOW...because the cravings aren't getting any better, and I feel that if I keep ignoring it, the cravings are going to lead me (quickly) into a full blown junk food relapse!

Things I already know about sugar cravings but have been too lazy to apply to my life lately:

1. The more sugar you eat, the more your body craves it.

2. Artificial Sweeteners do not stop sugar cravings, they actually make them worse.

3. Eating "reasonable", healthy, regularly spaced meals cuts down on sugar cravings AND general binge eating.

4. It is okay (and much better to) eat a little fruit when you want something sweet.

5. "Diet" sweets, while pretty cool and sometimes yummy, make sugar cravings worse while at the same time filling you up with reduced, but still empty, calories.

6. Always pair protein with carbs...and vice versa.

Something interesting that I "learned" yesterday...

I knew this info anyway from my formal education, but never really applied the concept or saw the connection between your liver and weight loss before. Your liver has two pretty important break down fats, and to filter out "junk" in your system. ("Junk" being my not-so-technical term for any thing in your body that your body does not actually have use for.) alcohol or medications (which I'm sure is where most of our thoughts first go to where the liver is involved), BUT ALSO,..artificial sweeteners and "fake" food chemicals. Your liver tends to take it's filtering job FAR more seriously than it does it's fat break down job, so if you have "junk" in your takes the liver's attention first. Putting (what I think should be the most important job of) breaking down fat on the back burner...where the fats are usually passed through the liver without being appropriately handled because your liver was so busy dealing with the other junk. Said fat wasn't broken down for use, so it gets stored as...body fat. So eating "diet" foods, while lower calorie, are actually hindering the weight loss process...your body isn't processing the fat, it's worried abour filtering out all of the fake sugar and things ending in -ese, etc.

All of the above principles are giving me a headache right now because it (no lie) is just easier for me (read: my bad habit) to not eat before noon, eat processed junk, load up on coffee and Splenda, and skip fresh fruit because I'm still a brainwashed headcase from the Atkins diet.

So new plan of action for myself: stop being lazy about nutrition!! I made the SP plan work for me for 6 doing the 6 things I listed above. Looking back through my trackers, the SP plan STOPPED working for me when I gradually stopped doing those things. Back on the wagon it is! Attacking #3 and #6 first this week...eating regularly spaced meals, and pairing carbs with protein. These were the first things I did when joining SP, and in my opinion, the most important things of them all! So I'm going to be working really hard over the next month to make these things habits again...and not chores! God willing, I will not be tempted to eat anymore candy off of the floor!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I totally understand! I also agree the more sugar I have the more I crave it. I have to not eat any or I could go overboard.
    2595 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon Chris
    2595 days ago
    I would have ate the M&M! So good job!

    I so agree with you about our livers. The min I stop supporting mine the right way I plateau. I stopped the fiber, I stopped the tea, I am just making my min water.... boom I plateau.

    Wow that site is great. I have read a ton already and will think about his process. Thank you for sharing!

    2596 days ago
    Your blogs are hilarious! You always make me laugh!!

    ~ I can TOTALLY i.d. w/the sugar cravings - I'm an addict - have to avoid at all costs.

    ~Learned something new here today -had no idea the liver performed the cleaning process & prioritized the cleaning (artificial sugars) over processing the fats. That explains a lot. Thanks for the info!

    ~ Yeah, the fruit balance...I do feel a little guilty when eating fruits because of the carbs, but also know that I can go really overboard w/fruits - I just try to strike a balance.

    Hope you have a wonderful and successful week!

    2596 days ago
  • ABBEH23
    Great blog. :) It's so true. I've gotten into such a state that I'll look for ANYTHING in my virtually carb and sugar free house to fill my need. I've stood over my kitchen sink frantically eating spoonfuls of Jelly/Jam before. Multiple times. Ugh.

    It's a drug. Sugar is such an incredibly difficult drug to deal with.

    I've been thinking that maybe it's just the fact that I know, "I CAN'T HAVE IT!" that makes me want it so bad...everyone knows that kind of thinking. SO...what if I buy really expensive, organic, highest amount of cacao percentage, dark chocolate I can find and ALLOW myself to have a small amount every other day or something?

    My other thing is my new mantra...try it, "When all else fails, drink tea." It's really been working. Hot drinks, like no-calorie, decaf teas are so filling and many flavors are sweet!

    @MELWOW- that was hilarious about finding stuff in your husband's truck... :)

    We CAN do this. We all have so many similar issues with our weight loss, so it's great we can come here, discuss them, see what the others are doing and just get that validation that we're not the only ones eating old and dirty candy off the floor. :)
    2596 days ago
  • LGAR519
    My sugar cravings are brutal. And it is an addiction!
    2596 days ago
    I hate cleaning out my husband truck because he always leaves behind partially eaten chocolates bars and bags of candy. I always think, "how does he do it?" then I usually finish what's there. Like a heroin addict finding a half full syringe, it can be really pathetic. I cut out most processed sugars for 4 days last week and found I would develop a pounding headache by bed time. Then I blew it the last 2 days so I feel like I'm starting out all over again. It's really frustrating.
    2596 days ago
    I just adore you!!! Right on! Great Blog!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    ps. I think I HAVE ate an M&M off the floor before! :)
    2596 days ago
  • JANDK156
    Oh man, you're gonna dive right into the mail I sent you then! It's a little scary sometimes that we are so in sync! LOL!
    2596 days ago
    I was 13 days sugar free and blew that in a binge last night. I was at an open house and had just WAY too much sugar staring at me when i was vulnerable. I guess I just need to start a bigger and better streak--maybe after Valentines.

    2596 days ago
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