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I'm Only Sleeping

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Holy poop!
I slept for 8 hours!
According to the toy, 8 hours and 2 minutes, actually.
I went to bed around 11:30. I'd set my take-your-pills alarm at 7am, and my actual alarm at 8. I can't say I didn't hit snooze at 8; I did. However, I got up 7 minutes later (3 minutes before the snooze alarm would've gone off), because I simply wasn't sleepy anymore.
When I got up, I didn't groan. I wasn't grumpy. I sat up, used Magic Phone Mk. 2 to check what happened in my own personal universe overnight (not much, apparently), and got up to have breakfast. I was a little dopey, but that's not surprising. What is, is that I was pretty much up before I'd finished the first cup of coffee. I had the second one because... well, because coffee is yummy, not because I had any overwhelming need for coffee.
This is pretty much unheard of.
It's currently snowing. There was more snow on the ground and in the trees and on my satellite dish when I woke up than there is now; it's melting faster than it can fall. Weird winter.
I'm trying to decide what to do with my day, now. I've planned my food for the day, but it requires me marinating some chicken; I have to deal with that relatively soon. And of course I can't just marinate the one I want to eat, I have to deal with the whole package, which means deciding whether I want to marinate all of the chicken with the marinade I bought (Good Food Red Wine and Shallot), or mix things up (literally) and make some of the Best Marinade recipe from SP I mentioned yesterday. I ended up having an Applegate Farms Turkey Burger for dinner last night, on a Schar GF Classic White Sandwich Roll. I overcooked the burger a little, because the meat thermometer told me to. Stupid meat thermometer! But overall, pretty good!
OK, OK, so here's today's numbers. I had the system do a nutrition analysis, based on my food intake over the last few days, so my target numbers are a little different now:
Calories burned: 2466 (target: 2263. Woo-hoo!)
Calories consumed: 1688 (BMF target: 1763: woo-hoo, too! SP target: 1600. *sigh*)
Calorie Balance: 778 Calorie deficit (target: 500. Yippee skippy!)
Physical Activity: 1hr, 24 minutes; 66 minutes moderate activity, 18 minutes vigorous. (Target: 45 minutes; 30 minutes moderate, 15 minutes vigorous. Smoked it!)
Steps taken: 9924 (BMF target: 8000. Yay! SP target: 10,000. Boo!)
And, as already mentioned, Sleep: 8 hrs., 2 minutes. Target: 8 hrs. I have 8 sheep, and one is doing a loop-de-loop. However, my sleep efficiency on the sheep app is still listed as 1%. In the computer, it's 97%. I'm going with the computer version, thank you very much; I think it's safe to say that at least where it comes to efficiency percentage, the sheep can't count worth a d4mn.
It goes without saying that I'm going to exercise today.
I definitely have to do some cleaning around the house. Mostly because it really, really needs doing, but also because if I don't do that, I'll go out and spend money I very definitely don't have. This new toy is lovely, but between that and the two jewelry classes I did/signed up for this month, I have bupkes in the way of cash. I paid the bills with imaginary money, and that's always such fun. *sigh*
Speaking of jewelry classes, I've got to run to Morristown to pick up my stuff! I wonder how the roads are...?
So can't wait for my CopprClay class on the 23rd. Though it's just going to make me long for my own kiln even more.
It's funny. I feel like I've done an emotional 180 in the last week. I mean, on 2/2, I was talking about depressed I was, and now I'm feeling really surprisingly upbeat and energetic.
Don't get me wrong; I'm not all better.
This morning, I got a message on a dating website I'm on but don't care for, from a seemingly cool enough guy, but I couldn't make myself respond to it. I guess I'm not ready. Also, he's, like, 10 years younger than me, which... OK, I know we live in modern times, and that shouldn't matter. Heck, guys usually die before women anyway, so maybe it's better to have a younger guy; maybe he'll outlast me. Especially given my craptastic health, and 12 years worth of smoking. To be honest, I was almost going to write him; he said that the things that drew him in to my profile were the references to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Douglas Adams, not my picture (which is the same one I have as my profile pic, here. Hey, I paid good money for that picture; I'm gonna get my money's worth!) - how cool is that? But he said he'd love to take me for coffee. And that made me think, "I'm really not even supposed to drink coffee. I do, but I'm not supposed to. And what if he wants to go eat? I can't eat... well, anything! Food is not my friend. I can't even go out with people I know really well. I can't even go out with my parents! Going out with a stranger would be nearly impossible. I can't eat gluten, and I can't eat fat; one of those things is in pretty much everything you're going to find in a restaurant. Don't write him back; it's too complicated."
So... yeah. Clearly, still not entirely OK. But better. And better is good, right? At least I'm not miserable AND antisocial; now I'm just antisocial.
At least I'm blogging. I always feel better when I'm blogging. I apologize to you poor people who feel compelled to slog through the entirety of my meandering posts, though. I hope there's some fun to be had here, in the midst of the insanity. ;-)
Thanks for bothering, regardless.
I'm going to go do... something. Not sure what. I'll figure something out.
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