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Wheat Belly

Friday, February 10, 2012

For months I've tried to pinpoint my trigger food. What is it that sets a binge in motion? I know there are certain foods I can't eat in moderation, so I simply don't eat them. But, are there other, seemingly safe foods I eat that also cause me problems?

I just finished reading Wheat Belly and think wheat may be the culprit. Although I'm not a fan of eating plans that exclude certain food items, I know I do that with foods I have bad allergic reactions to.

So, for the next few days I'm going to see if following a wheat free regimen makes a difference. So far, I've avoided the spelt bread I have with breakfast and the whole grain crackers I have with lunch. It hasn't made a difference in my joint pain, but I have been blowing my nose for the last 2 hours and am having GI distress.

So, could me.

Follow this space to see what I discover.
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    LOL Get ready for the "you must eat whole grains" responses.

    As you know, I have gone pretty much starch-free and that includes all grains as well as starchy vegetables and dried beans. I just seem to function better on a mostly lean protein and leafy veggies diet with some fruit thrown in to provide treats and quick sugar.

    There are definitely still carbs in there between the veggies and the fruit. It's just that very few of them come from anything starchy.

    The ratios work out to roughly 40% carbs, 40% protein, and 20% fat. Give or take 5% here or there among them.

    I went back and looked up what I was eating while losing the weight and you know what? It was that same ratio, roughly. So for me I guess that's one thing that works the same for me in both loss and maintenance. I think my body just likes it better.
    2259 days ago
    Wheat's a biggie here too...haven't gotten to this book yet, though am aware of it. Worth the read?

    2259 days ago
    I have listened to a lot of interviews with Dr. William Davis, and also am very interested in the Paleo diet and low carb alternatives.

    SO MANY PEOPLE, Who do not KNOW the latest research, STILL think the GRAINS are needed in your LIFE. THEY ARE NOT!

    I suggest Jimmy Moore's Podcasts: Jimmy Moore ask the Low Carb experts (He has Dr. Davis as one of his guests) and Livin' La vida Low Carb

    I find it fascinating. I am also tired of people saying not to exclude one food (grains) when Everyone is told to exclude white stuff, and sugar, and trans fat. The only difference is what it breaks down into. MOSTLY excess protein and Grains turn to SUGAR. The Rosendale diet is another great book.
    2260 days ago
    Hi Carrie,
    I wish you well in your wheat-free regimen. I've also gone wheat-free since the New Year, and am reading Wheatbelly right now. If nothing else it's helped my family to discover a lot more creative ways to eat healthily and tastily.
    There is now a SP "Wheatbelly" team that is also very helpful and supportive, maybe you want to check it out.

    Be well!
    2261 days ago
    This is very interesting. I would hate to have to avoid anything. But it seems that this isn't limited to white flours. I hope this works for you.
    2261 days ago
    I recently heard about the book Wheat Belly but I haven't had a chance to read it. I recently discovered that I am very sensitive to gluten. I had been having problems with it for years and didn't even realize it.

    While I'm not going to go to extremes to eliminate wheat from my diet, I'm certainly avoiding wheat / barley for the most part. I've switched to rice crackers and stopped consuming bread and beer on a daily basis. I used to consume gluten at almost every meal, but last week I only ate a small amount once or twice.

    I've only been at it a week and it's already made a huge difference.

    Best wishes to you!
    2261 days ago
    Hi Carrie,

    I would like to suggest that you see your doctor about this possibility before you go very long without eating Wheat. If you have a sensitivity to this then it is best if they can run the test work while you still have it in your diet. Otherwise your system cleanse it out and makes a less accurate reading. That is according to my Dr. I have Celiacs, and there are so many people that seem to be self diagnosing themselves when in reality it is decently rare. Being that you eat in moderation any way's I doubt you are getting too much of it, dont cut something healthy out of your diet if you don't have to. K' that's my take on it, and this is from an All Gluten free person. Best Wishes to you.
    2261 days ago
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