Satisfaction --In The Making--A Mind Thing!

Friday, February 10, 2012

I know I have not blogged in awhile. 2011 proved to be a very stressful year for me. So much to the fact that I felt like all I wanted to do is run and hide. I do not intend to bore you with the details of that. One of my dear friends on this site just wrote a blog entitled I Ain't Got No...SATISFACTION. All I could do when I read it was emoticon and emoticon! The subject is stressful eating. Something I feel I have been emoticon queen of for the last few months. It is like my friend said the more you eat the less SATISFIED you are, and the more you just keep dumping on to the problem you had to start with. Thanks Andi! I had a visit this week with my old friend Mrs. Lisa my diabetic educator. We had a long talk about this subject. What I have realized about my problems:

1- There AIN'T going to be any SATISFACTION until I learn how to control this thing called stressful eating.
2-This is a mind thing! Not that I have much of one emoticon! So I guess I am saying I need mind therapy! emoticon
3-This stress has to be released some way......umm.... how do I do that when I can't exercise like I would love to for arthritis killing me emoticon
4-Last but not least and the most important of all I have realized that I am a priority in the making, and well worth the effort. I can not do EVERYTHING but I can do SOME THINGS.

1-I have made God the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning:

I have been trying to read my emoticon all the way through this year. So far I am doing just emoticon with this. This has become a special time for me during the day. I use a journal and- emoticon all the things I feel God is talking to me about. I go over my appointments and make a- emoticon of things to tell Him about that need fixing, and then I remember to look at the- emoticon of things that He fixed yesterday and thank Him for doing that for me.

2-I have started learning to release some of this stress by small projects:

Last month I cleaned out a walk- in -closet that had not been cleaned out since emoticon (Let's don't go there!) I am a pack rat emoticon! I am so proud of this closet that sometimes I just go and stand in it. Why, because #1-- I can do that now-- Stand in it without being scared something is going to get me. It is the most organized and prettiest thing in my house right now to me, and #2 You know what? I did it all by myself (Exercise, well maybe just a little)!
Another thing that I have found that releases this stress is giving my two playful and active emoticon a bath and playing with them. (Exercise emoticon There is not a doubt in my mind).
Well, the closet project is over and I have decided I have another issue to deal with! My hands are part of my problem, and I feel like if they have something in them instead of food I will be exercising something other than my emoticon. I decided I would love to learn to quilt. Wish me luck (Exercise well there could be some in there)!

3- I have found that just talking instead of running and hiding is working
emoticon for me:

That is the beauty of this web site. There are people here that are going through the same thing, or people that have been there and done that. We are all here struggling in one way or the other, but I know that my Spark Friends are one of the most important things on my emoticon emoticon. emoticon guys for the support and all you do.

4-Satisfaction-- In the making is it a mind thing? To me it is. Because, I know what I need to do to make it! I know all the answers to how to get there thanks to Spark People. This weight did not all of a sudden appear like magic and it is not going to leave that way either. Hard work is a mind thing it can be fun or it can be a chore. Small steps and I just have to remember I can not do EVERYTHING but I can do SOME THINGS.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SROUS1340
    Dear April, I sure enjoyed your blog. I've been living in the land of emotional eating too. Gained back all that I lost last year, and have a 100 excuses for it. It all comes down to emotional eating. I'll be pulling for you in the battle and I am going to celebrate my three day weekend with a walk right now! emoticon
    3090 days ago
    You have been busy doing a lot of soul searching to connect with your passion..I totally am with you on being in touch with our inner faith. I too have been doing the exact thing as well. Glad to see your back on track..Hang in there.. emoticon emoticon
    3097 days ago
  • DBELLE39
    You have done some serious housekeeping & restructuring of your needs & goals! Those are some awesome goals you have set before you. emoticon
    3097 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6687446
    Hello, my dear friend. That Andi sure is a motivator!
    So glad to hear you're back and taking control of your life. I am starting over again today, too. It's time to stop giving in to the crazy cravings and trying to drug myself with food.
    Look out Chunky - we're back!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3098 days ago
    Welcome back April---- I love all the above comments--just realize that YOU are important --the most important-----is a great start---You will do this!!--Happy to see yu !-Lynda
    3098 days ago
    Love this one: "I have found that just talking instead of running and hiding is working". Finding a voice and using it, instead of "stuffing" it down... priceless!

    I love the way we spark each other! Andi sparked me yesterday, too! emoticon
    3098 days ago
  • MISSY455
    emoticon Small consistent steps lead to more steps, and pretty soon you are knocking down your goals one at a time. Some things are better than no things!
    3099 days ago
    For so many of us, turning to food during stressful times has been such a natural response for so long. It takes time to change. I like "I can not do EVERYTHING but I can do SOME THINGS." Small consistent changes each day will help to get the momentum going. You can do it, April...keep believing in You...and, know that You Are Worth It! emoticon
    3099 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5080021
    You can do it April. The acknowledgement is the first step. And you are right about the mind. It has to be set in the right direction. That is what stress does. It gets our mind going in the wrong direction.

    Remember too, it isn't about perfection. One small step will lead to two, etc.

    I love my spark friends. We are all in the same boat, just with different oars. When one gets out of sync, the other is there to steer in the right direction.

    Go April emoticon Go April emoticon emoticon
    3099 days ago
    April, I'm glad you're back! Re the quilting and keeping your hands busy: years ago when I quit smoking I felt the same way. During the weeks / months I was struggling to resist the cravings, I took up cross-stitch and knitting. I can't say I got really good at either one, but... I haven't had a cigarette from that day to this, so something must've worked, lol. I say - you go ahead and quilt, girlfriend!
    p.s. Re the exercise and arthritis: my knee finally gave up. I belong to a chair exercise team here on SP. There are all kinds of videos and exercises here on Spark, plus on the 'net. Even YouTube has a bunch, all free. Give 'em a shot. Many of them are designed with arthritic people in mind.
    3099 days ago
    i stopped when i got to the exercise part and i did some research a while back and there are some exercise dvd for seniors on the internet that take into consideration that arthritis and pain issue hope this gives you something to think about. i have back and joint issues so i have problems with alot of the dvd workouts.
    3099 days ago
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