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Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 2 BodyFit Media Core Armband results:
Calories burned: 2450 (target 2380; beat it by 70 kCal)
Calories consumed: 1723 (BMF target: 1880; beat it by 157. SP target: 1600; failed by 123)
Calorie deficit: 727 (target: 500. HAPPY DANCE!!! HAPPY DANCE!!!)
Moderate activity (e.g. walking): 58 minutes (target: 30; beat by 28 minutes)
Vigorous activity (e.g. actual exercise): 15 minutes (target: 15 minutes)
Steps: 10,112 (BMF target: 8000. SP target: 10,000. Beat ‘em both. YAY! Man, I missed my pedometer!!)
Sleep (which it measures as part of today’s measurements, but I don’t, so I’m going to post it here): 7:15. It’s still not happy with that; It wants me to get the full 8. It remains pretty pleased with the efficiency of the sleep I DID get; I went down a percentage point, to 95%, today. And I had WEIRD dreams. I usually don’t remember my dreams. 9 times out of 10, I’d have told you I didn’t have any. Definitely can’t say that about last night. Some of them I wish I DIDN’T remember. I can’t call them nightmares, but they were deeply strange. In two different dreams, I had to deal with my last ex-boyfriend being overwhelmingly nice and cleaning up my apartment while I slept (usually it was the other way around, in our relationship), and creepy, morbidly obese, mostly naked men trying to sexually harass people who were with me. That one was REALLY bizarre, and ended in a phone call to 911. In the dream, I mean. Wasn’t too terribly sorry when the alarm went off, on that one.
Anyway, I have a couple of BMF widgets on my phone; the one for sleep, and the one for activity. Currently, my activity is a photograph of a sloth, taking a nap. That’s because the only time I’ve plugged it in today is first thing this morning, while I was in the shower; as far as it’s concerned, I haven’t done anything at all. By the time I went to bed last night, I’d cycled through tortoise and monkey, and then I worked out, which brought me all the way up to hummingbird.
(They didn't have a hummingbird emoticon; best I could do.)
Due to my not getting as much sleep as the machine would’ve liked me to get, I still have only a few cartoon sheep on the sleep widget. But there is a slight difference between yesterday’s image and today’s. Yesterday I had about four sheep, and they looked pretty darned drowsy and desultory. Today, I have seven sheep, and they all look wide awake.

So… I’m floating somewhere between the first image and a little bit above the second, but nowhere NEAR as awake as the last one. Interestingly, both days, that efficiency percentage at the bottom of my little graphic has remained 1%. Not sure what the deal is, there. I thought we were supposed to be moving AWAY from the perfectionist, all-or-nothing mindset…?
I do feel better, though. I mean, not physically; I feel like I spent 20 minutes boxing air. Mostly because… well, I spent 20 minutes boxing air (Gold’s Gym Cardio Boxing). Which is harder than you’d think. But I feel a little bit more alert and awake.
I danced for a bit yesterday, too (if you can call what I do dancing), because I’m doing the easy-peasy 7-day sweat challenge on Just Dance 3. I almost, but not quite, had enough energy to get in a session with that BEFORE I hopped in the shower this morning, which is pretty much unheard of. But since I was trying to get in all the sleep that I’m supposed to, I opted not to get up early for that purpose. As it was, I felt moved to blow dry my hair straight this morning (also harder than you’d think), so I was almost late to work. Which actually just means I was closer to being on-time (7:52) than wickedly early (7:40).
For the record, I do not normally track my office arrival time this closely. But since we instituted a time clock system, it’s really not up to me.
Oh, and since we’re measuring things, I dropped two pounds. Overnight. So I’m thinking that was pretty much just water weight and doesn’t much count, but it was still awfully nice to see, this morning.
I’m pretty sure this new toy is going to be the best thing that’s happened to my weight loss journey since I had to give up Jenny Craig. It does the two invaluable things that JC used to do for me: keep me honest and accountable, and SHOW ME what I’ve accomplished (or haven’t accomplished). OK, it’s not going to provide me with food the way JC did, but that may turn out to be a good thing; I’m actually considering cooking for myself tonight. For better or worse, I’m big on instant gratification. Clearly; I mean, I wouldn’t look the way I do if I was able to tell myself, “If you eat that cupcake now, it will mess you up later.” Because while there may be a tiny part of my brain thinking that, the rest of my Hulk brain is thinking, “MMMMM!!!! CUPCAKE!!!! CUPCAKE GOOD!!!” That said, the whole gluten intolerance thing is another surprisingly helpful factor, here. It’s a lot easier to turn down a leftover office breakfast bagel when you know it’s going to make you physically ill than it is to turn it down because you know, intellectually, that it’s going to cause weight gain.
Regardless, going back to instant gratification – every week when I went to see my Jenny Craig consultant, Michelle, I’d have to hop up on the scale, and then subject myself to the tape measure. Concrete information in the form of numbers can be very motivating. When I saw that my steps were a little low for the day when I left work yesterday. I parked at the far end of the strip mall I needed to do all my errands at, and walked from one end to the other. Ironically, it’s the same strip mall that the gym I pay for but never go to is located. Walked right past it. Twice. But I walked my way from the hippie dippy health food store on one end, to Marshalls (they had woks, but not in the size I wanted in a quality I was willing to pay for. They had a very nice one that I was perfectly happy to buy… but it was the wrong size. They had one the right size, but it was cruddy), to Shop Rite for my prescription, to Bed Bath & Beyond (which had a bamboo steamer with more baskets, for $1 more than I paid. Frustrating! There was also a wok of the CORRECT size, but it cost $30 and I didn’t have the coupon on me. So… probably over the weekend), BACK into Marshalls (I wanted to double check on the size of the woks there. They were still wrong.), then FINALLY back to the car and home. Mind you, the whole strip mall is easily within walking distance from home, but I didn’t want to do that walk in the dark. Possibly carrying a wok. And then exercise, and salad, and a Weight Watchers Smart Selections Chicken w/ Broccoli & Cheddar meal, and a mug of Cinnamon Chex for dessert (SO addicted to those things), and reading my book for about 15 minutes, and then it was time to get ready for bed. And I STILL didn’t get enough sleep! Honestly, I don’t know how I’m going to manage it. At least I made some progress, anyway.
So… yeah. That’s yesterday. I’ve already logged today’s food on both SP and BMF (I said I wasn’t going to do that, but I lied. I may go back to the estimate thing, eventually, but for now, logging it in both places isn’t making me too crazy) up through the afternoon snack. As usual, it’s dinner that’s making me nervous. I’d like to try the recipe I found for Moe’s chicken (but using a gluten-free, low-sodium version of the bouillon cubes), but I’m nervous about it. It might make more sense to do a marinade I already know I know how to do well ( recipes.sparkpeople.com/
). I’m still not comfortable enough with cooking; I feel like I should do it more with something I know I can do, before I move on to something a little more complex. But we’ll see.
OK, time to buckle down and get some actual work done. Thanks for plowing through my ramblings. I may or may not see you over the weekend; I’m not known for behaving myself as far as logging on to SP over the weekend, but since I have to have the computer up and running to load up the toy, maybe I will, for a change.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post

    Wishing you a good weekend!
    2626 days ago
  • JKM822
    LOL! Don't worry about the dreams. They were weird, but not terrible.
    Thanks for the support! The only issue I have with the gluten intolerance is that most of the gluten-free products are really high in fat. :-(
    2626 days ago
    emoticon job on all your fitness and healthy decisions! emoticon emoticon Congrats on exercise and all your reflections.

    Sorry to hear about the bad dreams.

    I think all of us have trouble seeing how the cupcake we eat in the moment will cause weight gain later on. Spark has helped me to see that choices add up. Healthy choices over time add up and unhealthy choices over time add up as well.It helps me make healthy choices most of the time and when I really want that cupcake I have to make sure that it doesn't cause me to eat another and another...habits do make a difference. Your gluten-intolerance can definitely be a blessing.

    Keep up the great work! Keep making those healthy choices.

    2626 days ago
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