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Hmmm... not going so well...

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Unfortunately, my "best laid plans" of the New Year for healthy eating and exercise aren't going so well. Maybe I "bit off more than I could chew", fitness-wise --- although I don't seem to have a problem with "biting off" or "chewing" when it comes to things like potato chips, chocolate, etc.
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Therein lies the problem. I was doing not too badly (although not as much fitness as I had planned) until I hit some stress last weekend, in regard to some medical tests I might have to have ... and then a job interview this week ... and my healthy eating habits went right out the window. I know; kind of sad that I fell off the wagon that easily, isn't it? But ... upward and onward.

So... as of Monday, I'm going to try a new approach. I'm seriously considering going back to Weight Watchers (there's a meeting next Monday), as I found before that the accountability factor worked really well for me. If I don't do Weight Watchers, my backup plan would be to use frozen entrees for a while to help get me back on track with portion control. The idea would be to have a frozen dinner entree (choose one on the healthier side) for dinner, plus a piece of fruit and something like a 1/2 cup of yogourt for a snack in the evening, and for the evening that would be all! (Besides tea and water, of course.) I'm sure that home-cooked meals are generally healthier than frozen entrees, but it would be just for a couple of weeks or so, while I get used to portion control again (vs. unlimited "grazing" throughout the evening). I tend to do fine with healthy eating during the daytime; it's just evening that's a problem for me.

I like the Weight Watchers idea, and will most likely do that. It costs a bit of money, but I could probably make up for that by not buying junk-food snacks, etc. Anyway, I'll let you all know within the next few days what I decide.

Thanks for reading!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    The cost of WW these days is why I am here. I just can't afford it, and I would rather put that $ into my groceries.
    Another reason I love this site. You get all the tools, and have plenty of Sparkers in the same situations, and it doesn't cost a thing.
    I lost more weight here, than the dozens of times I was at WW. And my mind set was to reward myself with FOOD after a weight loss at a meeting. I thought I deserved it. and it was usually something very bad and fattening, and took all my effort back to the beginning. I guess I can say my WW days were not the best choice for me.
    One good thing with WW is interaction. But I found most of the time, the meetings were on the boring side, and I couldn't wait to get out of there, and go find something to eat.
    I think the nutrition guidelines here, are what helped me lose, seeing what I ate for the day. WW with points I could eat 5 snickers, and call it a day! lol
    Don't get me wrong, WW is a good program but just too costly, and not for me. I would never promote any of the others, and heaven knows I have tried the most of them, it all came down to the same thing, MONEY!!! Even saw WW's online tools can cost over $30 a month, when Spark is free. I am definitely happier here.
    Stress eating I believe is most of our problems. And even Spark can't always control that. Now if they would only come up with something (other than drugs) to work on that one, we would all be on that creek with a paddle. emoticon
    2598 days ago
    We all fall off, it's the getting back up that matters most. Hang in there, I know you can do it. If the WW helps then go for it--I think they are having a deal where joining is free right now. You don't have to stay with it forever, but if it helps get you back on track it is a bargain in the long run. Certainly cheaper than new clothes or a health issue.
    2598 days ago
    Why don't you take a few of the empty frozen dinner containers and use them for portion control? then you can make meals with a lot less salt and preservatives and still know how much is a portion. Just a thought!
    2599 days ago
    did eating help? seems it gave you one more problem! learn from it and handle stress in a different manner! I too am a stress eater but am working not not eating over it but match it head on and get rid of the prob (not make a new one) You can do it! I know you can one step (problem) at a time! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2599 days ago
    I know I had to have that accountability factor at a few times in my life. That may be better for you than frozen dinners; these dinners do give us portion control but there's a lot of salt and preservatives in them that we really don't need. You sound determined so I know that either way you approach this, you will succeed.
    2599 days ago
    Sometimes the added boost of external support is warranted and WW is a great program. emoticon
    2600 days ago
    You can do it!!

    2600 days ago
    Have you checked out TOPS? It is a lot like WW only much cheaper. They meet once a week and weigh in just like WW, only cost about $30 for the year.
    2600 days ago
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