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Why do we exercise?

Thursday, February 09, 2012

I had a really miserable run today. The kind of run where you think, what the hell am I doing this for? I think my real issue is that I can't find my watch and I was running faster then usual not knowing what kind of time I was making. Anyway I got to thinking about in the past when exercise was miserable, the same thing popped into my head. Why am I doing this if I hate it? Well through the years it has changed. We seem to turn into a lot of different people as the years go on.

19 year old Me: I gotta exercise or I will never find a husband. Kill yourself JULIE!
20 year old Me: You have someone, ehhh u don't have to work so hard. Eat some Ben and Jerry's.
(skip down thru 21, 22, 23) Throw in 85 lbs weight gain) *insert fear of ben and jerries*
24 year old Me: If you continue on this path you are on, you could actually die. You are damn lucky you don't have diabetes.
25 year old me: Wedding is coming and Man I do not want my kids to think, you were that big?
26 year old me: I got this far and I am not giving up. A lot of people gain weight back. I am not gonna be one of them!
27 year old me: I enjoy exercise that is why I exercise. I actually look forward to my husband working at night so I can go to the gym without feeling guilty.

A new spark member messaged me recently asking if I had any tips on how to enjoy running. My biggest tip is that, if you werent born a runner. It will probably takes years to train yourself to enjoy it. If it's worth it to you, then you will stick it out. But there is a lot of forms of exercise and if you hate running then you shouldn't force yourself to like it. I hated running, HATED, actually had a phobia with nightmares in high school. So i wanted to conquer that phobia and be incontrol of it and I am happy I am the leader now. That would be why I am running my 3rd half marathon this year and my 2nd Marathon.

I saw this video blog yesterday about how this body builder shows how easy it is to make before and after photos. This is crazy! Funny how ppl think they are drinking diet pop cuz its better for you but really it makes u look more bloated.

Last night Scott and I celebrated our 8 year anniverary of being together with pizza and mountain dew. Once in awhile on a special occasion I would rather eat pizza and drink pop with my husband over a fancy dinner. Anyway the mountain dew led to me staying up way too late knitting baby hats lol Baby hat #1 done! So many ppl having babies this year!

My baby hat model (lemme alone mom!)

My baby indoor garden is doing awesome! 1 week in and Kohlrabi is about ready to eat lol jk Carrots are coming up too and cilantro
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You have such a great, but realistic outlook on things that I absolutely love. I wish we lived in the same place!

    I also have gotten to the point where I truly love to exercise, even though there are days where I do dread it. I've had people ask me the same things about running, etc, and I try to get the point across that if you don't like something, yoi're probably not going to consistently do it, you know? And then, what's the point.

    I'm so proud of you and the progress you've made in your life!
    2292 days ago
    I agree with Ash. I'm not a fan of exercise either, but I need it in order to achieve my goals. I want to be stronger and healthier, so I have to do it. Not only that, but I love that feeling of accomplishment after I work out!

    I love the little garden. I'm thinking about starting a little one on my back porch since I live in an apartment.
    2292 days ago
  • ASHESS85
    I honeslty don't love exercising but I like how it makes me feel afterwards and how much faster is makes me meet my goals which is why we do it. Sometimes in order to succeed you have to do things you don't like. Lol! Your baby hats are freakin adorable! You should try to sell them.
    2292 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/10/2012 11:39:51 AM
    loved the video!
    2293 days ago
    I feel you on that progression of your relationship with exercise! Mine is pretty similar!

    Love your little garden!! As always, I am behind on starting seeds and such :\

    I am planning a night in for V-Day (meh), and I'm going to make homemade heart-shaped pizza!

    Also! I've made baby hats similar to yours before - I just finished off the top differently. With the loose ends you can braid or knit a couple stitches to the end of the strands, finish off, and then tie a cute little knot in the cord. You could put some little gems or beads on there too! :) I need to get my needles out again.
    2293 days ago
    It's funny. I loved to run when I was young and was a sprinter but I always hated long distance running and I still do. There are things I would love to try though and know I would like if I could do them.

    My hubby and I never go out to anywhere fancy on our anniversary. I hate places like that.

    I love the baby hat and the model. LOL

    Our garden transplants are up too!! YEAH!!
    2293 days ago
  • THESB25
    Loved this blog tonight. Thanks for age-by-age recap, I think I was the same way! I had lost a significant amount of weight in high school and regaining plus more was so discouraging. The garden is looking great and so are the baby hats!

    I'm focusing on weight loss right now because I know that unless I lose the weight I'm just not going to enjoy fitness like I have in the past.
    2293 days ago
    I love your analysis of our attitude's towards exercise. I think I have had this "hatred" of exercise b/c I think back to grade school and how much I HATED running in gym class. We had to run a half a mile every Friday, and I was always last. Same thing with Middle School- we had to run a mile every week, and again always last. I just hated it, and I hated how it made me feel like a failure.

    Are we all going to be runners? Hell no. I have no desire to be a runner, or even a walker. I find walking boring, and running just does not appeal to me. But I think that it IS important for us to find an exercise we enjoy that doesn't feel like we HAVE to do anything. I really like water aerobics, but can't fit it into my schedule. And I am glad that I decided to give Zumba a try because even though I SUCk at it, it doesn't feel like a work out, despite burning 600 calories in an hour.

    Proud of you on finding several things you enjoy and also keep you healthy!
    2293 days ago
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