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Thursday, February 09, 2012

I'm reflecting on the last week and putting my spin on it. I've been slacking off on exercising and a regular schedule. I guess I decided to take a staycation for a week or so. I slept a lot, except for last night. I still haven't gotten all my dirty dishes clean and have pretty much been watching a lot of TV (courtesy of my DVR.) I'm not very far on working for myself, but I did figure a budget. Now I know how much I need to make a month, and I'm going to have to get a part time job. I'm not just going to settle this time, though. I'm thinking a pizza delivery driver, which I did before and made good tips. I could also go with a job as a server, for tips, but I don't want to work more than 20 hours a week so I can still work on getting that other stuff in line. My parents have been really supportive, too. I really can't believe that; I've always felt like they were criticizing me before. Maybe I was being to hard on them; even my mom seems willing to listen and help. She intimidated me, I decided. I feel secure in what I'm doing now and my plan and where I want to go, so I have this new confidence. That might be because of the antidepressants, but that's fine by me! Now, I see all her 20 questions as her way of finding out what I want so she can help as much as possible. I don't rely on others for help, but I've realized that she is quite the resource and her manner is not forceful, only given with conviction. It's so nice to be able to comfortably talk to her!
I've been really annoyed by having to clean and bandage my incision sites the last two weeks, but that's over now! I had to clean them with cotton swabs, soap, and water. That was so tedious! I thought I was going to have to wait until Friday to get my stitches out. I was still up at 3 this morning, because I slept too late yesterday, when I decided to double-check my calendar. It's a good thing I did, because I saw that my appointment was actually today at 9! I didn't get much sleep, though, but I'm glad to have those stitches out! Plus, I thought that they were getting infected, but I found out I was actually seeing the bottom layer of stitches, the ones that dissolve. Huh! Cool! The nurse also told me the results: both moles were benign. That's the best news ever! emoticon
I feel way too wiped to try to workout today, but I may try this Tai Chi DVD I got from the library. After a full night's rest, I'll see if I can get 3 10-minute cardio sessions tomorrow, including cardio kickboxing. I also want to try to go iceskating, but only if I can get to the adult fitness skate session. I'm not a skilled enough skater to avoid little people on the ice! I don't want to smash into a five year old on the ice, especially one that can skate better than I do.
I'm going to do better the rest of this month. I've got to stick to my meal plan and get back working out on my schedule. It's good; I know it'll work if I can just do it. I'm ready! (And I hope that scale isn't too mean on Sunday...)
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    Thanks for your blog comment! I have never seen myself as an inspiration, that was such a sweet thing for you to say!

    Boy, I have a ton of shows on my DVR too!!! I can't seem to catch up. As far as antidepressants go, I have been on them in various forms since 1987 and I can say they have literally saved my life. It can take awhile to find the right combination of drugs that works for you, but it is so worth it! I'm glad they are working for you.

    Good luck on your job search, I need to be doing the same thing now that my health is getting better.

    You are on the right track! You go girl!!

    Take care,
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2622 days ago
    I'm getting close to the 1 year anniversary of my melanoma scare.

    it seems so minor...until it's YOU!

    glad you are ok!

    I plan to blog about my experience on the anniversary of the surgery...April 1. How appropriate is that???

    2625 days ago
    I'm so glad to hear the anti-depressants are working for you and that you're feeling positive and happy! Good luck with the job search - you mentioned pizza delivery but you might also think about working inside as well. I did that for a little while and loved it! There aren't as many tips (since people who pick up pizza don't usually think to leave one), but it's pretty fun which makes up for it, plus you don't have to rely on tips for a solid income. Just a thought.

    Keep hanging in there!
    2628 days ago
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