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Just a small frustration rant...

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Maybe I have no business being frustrated. Maybe I should not let a number on a scale run my life as much as it does. I get all that.

But have come so far in my weight loss journey, I am determined to be vigilant, and never gain back the 160 lbs I have lost. So the scale is important. I get on it every day. I let it dictate my behavior in some ways. I think that's positive progress--when I weighed over 300 lbs I NEVER got on the scale, because I didn't want the scale to dictate my behavior. My hands just continously transferred food to my mouth. NOT anymore!

I was at my lowest weight ever (since childhood, anyway!) in early November. Now I can't seem to get back there--I am about 5 lbs over my lowest, and I want it back!

I'm running a lot--more than I've ever run in my life. I feel pretty good, sore muscles of course, and my knees are never 100%, but I feel strong. I will easily top 20 miles of running this week, which has never happened before. I'm already at 16.75 miles this week, I have a long run tonight and a 5K race on Saturday. Why can't I unload these 5 lbs?????

Okay, over the holidays I know I overindulged--the lbs I gained were legitimate. But since January I have been pretty diligent, counting my calories, using good food to fuel my body. What's up with this?? Grrrrr!

Rant over. I'll keep plugging away.

P.S. Small side rant: what's up with the way Sparkpeople figures calories burned for running? Accepted wisdom is that you burn approx. 100 calories per mile for running, no matter how fast or slow you go. If you run 5 minute miles, you burn 100 calories in 5 minutes; 10 minute miles = 100 calories burned in 10 minutes. Obviously, that varies with the terrain, your body weight, prevailing headwinds, etc. etc., but 100 calories/mile is pretty much accepted. So the other day my DD and I ran 6.25 miles, including 3 miles of intense intervals at tempo and higher pace. Of course, SP averages the pace over the whole distance, so it looks slow (we had recovery walks and jogs interspersed with the intervals). But still, SP says we burned only 371 calories that whole workout. We were on the roads running for 72 minutes! I don't usually get hung up on calorie counts--it is obviously an imprecise science--but that seems remarkably wrong to me.
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    I know that my Polar tells me the calories I'm burning and I could just log that in there... but then I guess I'd feel obligated to be more precise with my food measurements, too.


    Get your tape measure in the game; sometimes it's a better friend than the scale!
    3303 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7133412
    You're kicking it with all that running!! Way to go!

    And the scale is a fickle friends. I've made idle threats to stop weighing myself daily. I really think I need to follow through because it really doesn't matter how much you weigh as long as you're diligent with the fitness and healthy eating. It's easy for me to say that though as I step on my scale daily.

    I had no idea you'd lost so much weight!! Congrats to you!
    3303 days ago
  • BOVEY63
    You are doing so awesome with the running!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Your weight issues may be coming from building muscle through all the running.
    3303 days ago
    Oh do I feel your pain! I'm running more than ever now, too, and the weight loss is sloooooow.

    Many running experts say it is very difficult to lose weight while distance training because the fuel demands on your body are fairly high. I know personally I see this because I'm hungry all the freaking time! (except for right after my run when I couldn't eat if you paid me).

    And I agree with the HRM suggestion. Invaluable tool!
    3304 days ago
    I try not to look at the calorie burn that Spark gives me because I don't think it is very accurate. I know what kind of work I put in so I base my calorie intake for the day by that.

    I was in the same boat as you, when I was training for my HM I did not lose weight either. I was averaging about 20 miles a week. I didn't start losing again until I started adding back in weight lifting. That could help you.... just a thought!
    3304 days ago
    I rely only on my HRM to determine calories burned. I've found SP is rarely accurate when compared to my HRM.

    They are really coming down in price by the way, I found a new polar watch just today for $70.

    3304 days ago
    A heart rate monitor is really a great investment. A good one can seem expensive up front but the knowledge you gain from having one is invaluable. It might help you kick those last few pounds.

    Aside from that, congratulations! 160 pounds is a huge feat!

    Keep rocking! emoticon
    3304 days ago
    I figure Spark is saving me from myself - I would eat a whole lot more if it looked like I burned that much! On the other hand, DailyMile thinks I'm a calorie-burning machine so I take both with a grain of salt.
    3304 days ago
    I have the same SP rant!!! I put in 5 minute incriments of what I ran rather than an average.

    Nice job on the running!! keep it up!!
    3304 days ago
  • JIML289
    I'm new to SP, came across this post.

    I admire your determination.
    Could It be that you have a gain in muscle that is adding the 5 lbs?
    I try to look at the overall benefit of weight loss and exercise.

    The weight that you have already lost has probably improved your blood sugar, lipids, liver and kidney function; in addition to improvement in digestion.
    You should be proud of what you have done so far.

    Don't beat yourself up, just keep headed in the right direction and you will find it easier to reach your goals. emoticon
    3304 days ago
    Just some info on the calories burned b/c that always gets me.... it's VERY imprecise. The 100 calories per mile is for a ~ 150 pound person of average fitness. If you weigh less and are more fit than average, you will likely burn less. I burn about 60 calories per mile, booooo!

    Do you run with a heart rate monitor? That's probably the best way to determine calories burned. I don't run with mine, but I do use it when I bike on the stationary bike. I can totally see the error in Spark because using real HRM data, I burn WAY more than Spark's estimates.

    And a HUGE congrats for losing 160 pounds! WOWZA!!!!!
    3304 days ago
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