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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Last night I met with a new running group and although it wasn't the scheduled route they did the Ravenel Bridge. I could've gone with the 3 or 4 people who decided to take another route but I wanted to hang with the cool kids so to speak and decided to "try" the bridge.

The run to the bridge is about a half mile alone. So I did my 5 min warm up walk and got to running. The base of the bridge was ok. I was set to do an 8min run, 3m walk, 5 min run then repeat. I got most of the run at the steepest part of the incline. I persevered and just blanked out. I just started counting beems that go endlessly up into the night.That's how I get through the runs. I focus on a point off a distance and just hold it in my visual grip until I get to it. Then I focus on a point further off. It works. Trust me, if you are a new runner, try it. A guy I didn't know passed me but not before patting my back and saying "You're doing great", that lifted my to go a little further. I got in most of the run before I had to walk. I planned to count 4 beams and get to running again but before that happened my walk interval w as here.

I got all the way up the bridge before the folks in my group started passing me on their way back down. Everyone was going their own distance so I don't know if they did the whole bridge or not. I kept going until the decline came on the other side. I turned around. By this time my C25K was over. A feeling overwhelmed me. I wanted to run. So as Forest Gump stated "I WAS RUNNING!" I ran and I ran, and I ran. It felt great. I realized I was on an endorphin high. I started passing walkers and leaving them. Trust me, for me it's a big deal. I am the essence of Turtle Power. Sure, the awesome declien helped but my breathing was stable and I was running faster than normal. I felt strong. I felt awesome. By the time I got to the base of the bridge the run leader had caught up. He asked was I ok and I said yes as he and another guy passed me. I didn't care. I just felt really good. The air felt good. I was sweating but not really hot, not cold. I was just in a zone.

I finally made it back and most of the group was there waiting. I was one of the last but not the last. Some runners went farther than others and weren't back. I bid everyone farewell after speaking for a few minutes. They told me I did great, especially for the first time. I thanked them then went home feeling the first taste of personal victory and savoring the thought that there was so much more to come. emoticon

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