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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

LOOK!! I logged in today AND wrote a blog!! I am on a roll!!!
I know it's been like a month since I have been on here. My job has me working so crazy to keep cuaght up.

In January I ran the Ocala half marathon. It was an awesome race! I was scheduled for a taper 10 miler but figured what the heck. I had some friends who were running their first full and I wanted to be there to watch them come in. The morning was cool, the course was beautiful! The route took you through the hills of horse country and it amazing! I loved every minute of it, well not every minute. There was a point at mile 11 that I was sick of the hills. lol! I finished in 2:30:31 which was a 3 minute PR! I was thrilled!! It was the boost I needed to stay on track for my full marathon which I was looking to PR.
Once I finished I hung around waiting to cheer on some new marathoners. They did great!
Last weekend was my marathon. I didn't know for sure the pace I would try to keep and I was pretty nervous. This course had a 6 hr cut off and what if something happened? I would get swept! I had awesome training runs at 12:18 pace and I knew this was my race!!
On Saturday I met Becki up in Tallahassee and we stayed with her cousin who was way cool! We had dinner with the marathon maniac group and that was fun!
I didn't sleep much the night before. Like usual. We got up Sunday and got ready and headed to the FSU campus where the race started. I lined up in the corral with Becki and some of the other maniacs and then we were off! I ran the first half mile then went to my intervals. My legs felt fatigued from the start but I knew they would loosen up, because this was MY marathon. By mile 3 I was in a good pace 12mm even. My legs still weren't comfortable but I pressed on. It was warm and I was dripping sweat. My hair was soaked by mile 5. I tried to stay as hydrated as I could but didn't want to over drink either. By the half way mark I saw Becki. She looked great! We were both hot and ready to be done though. By mile 14 I had slowed to 12:18 pace. I thought to my self, this is what I trained at. I can do this pace!! Nope. By mile 16 those fatigued legs gave out. They cramped so bad from my calf to my hips. I walked, and cried, and called my husband in tears. My legs ached so bad that it hurt to walk. I tried to walk as fast as I could but I saw my pace, and more tears. I knew I was going to get swept. My fears were coming true. My legs gave out and I wasn't going to make the cut off. This was really happening. I couldn't believe it. I walked and rehydrated. I actually drank 24 plus oz of water in 5 miles. By mile 22 I felt like I could try to run again. It hurt. I would run when I could and walk when I had to. I was very thankful for the support from my two amazing friends Mary and Suezette for texting me through it. By mile 25/26 Becki came back to find me and run me in. THANK GOD!! I was so happy to see her. We walked and run til it was time for me to run the track to the finish line. I looked at my garmin and I was past the 6hr cut off. There was a guy at the track gates and I knew he was going to tell me I was done. But he didn't. He told me to run it in. They called my name on the loud speaker and I was so embarrased. Everybody else had gone. There was just Becki, cheering me in. I finished in 6:06. I was so disappointed in my self. I had great training and high expectataions and my body failed me.
3 days post marathon and my legs are still a little sore. I'm going to try for a run this afternoon and see how I feel. I am registered for the St. Pete half this Sunday but I don't know if I will even attempt it. If I do, it will be just to finish, not to run it.

As for my weight, I am up again. I went to my Dr and my Thyroid was way off again. This is the 3rd time in a year which is not normal for me at all! I am on new meds and notice that I feel a lot better so hopefully the weight will start coming off soon! I go for an ultrasound this afternoon to check my thyroid because it's enlarged and the nodules have also gotten larger. I am sure it's fine but they want to be sure.

Ok, so that's all I have for now. Hopefully I will be back on soon!
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    I am so sorry your race wasn't what you wanted it to be, but be proud that you completed your first marathon! That's awesome and what a wonderful acheivement! Perhaps you could use what you learned from this as a lesson for next time? I found that I learned something from pretty much every race. And from being injured. I guess it's all par for the course of being a runner. If you do the half, I hope you have a great time.
    3146 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8710944
    Wow !! You are amazing ! I know I don't know you well or anything but you so inspire me and I know your not happy how it ended up but you finished , you stuck it out. To me your amazing ! Hang in there let your body get some rest your race is coming up trust me. Same with skating I have good days and bad days. Your so very strong !!
    3146 days ago
    emoticon Well, this wasn't your marathon, but YOUR race is coming and you will love it when it does. It sounds brutal, I'm so sorry. Take a much-needed break. But...aren't Spark Friends great? How wonderful you had all that support out there. And kudos to the "gatekeeper" for letting you run it in.
    3147 days ago
    Hey, you know how I feel. You finished and I'm proud of you! There will be more marathons and more chances. As long as you don't give up, you're not a failure. See you in a couple days!
    3147 days ago
    emoticon Words can't express how I feel - think you know what I think.
    3147 days ago
    I know you have been working hard for that PR -- and it is out there for you -- I KNOW it! The humidity on Sunday was NOT favorable for a runner. Your legs probably need a good rest, too. You'll get there. It's just gonna take a little more time.
    3147 days ago
    I've totally had that same run - only mine was a half. It's so frustrating when you've done everything you're supposed to do to be able to travel the distance and your body just doesn't want to do it. I'm sorry! Hopefully the next race will be a happier event for you.
    3147 days ago
    I emoticon you! You know that! It was a bad day! The weather sucked. And WTH was it with mile 16!? That's when I started to really feel it too!

    I'm so sorry you had such a difficult race. But YOUR race will be the one you least expect it to be! Maybe you'll PR at MIBM! ;)
    3147 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1425027
    Yikes, after reading this blog I realize how bad of a run it was for you... mentally and physically.

    Take that break we were talking about....

    YOUR run is coming. You WILL make your goal when its your time!!!!

    3147 days ago
    Awe honey, I'm sorry that you didnt get the big finale you wanted for all of your training efforts....No worries, there is always next time! I agree that maybe you just need to give the legs a little break.

    You looked awesome in the pics :)
    3147 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    Sueann, I am so sorry this marathon did not end up the way you wanted it to. I think Sharon is right in that your body needs a break. Kudos to you for the toughness you showed.

    3147 days ago
    Sueann, I'm sorry you had a disappointing race, but don't despair... you have been running ALOT lately - maybe a little break in the racing is what you need to get you back on track.

    Kudos to your for FINISHING!
    3147 days ago
    Thanks for the update! You are a busy girl! Hope to hear from you again!
    3147 days ago
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