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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

So! Yeah. Did something a little crazy yesterday. Instead of spending the money on something I need to do, like set up a business mailbox so I can get the jewelry thing off the ground, or paying a bill, I decided to spend $130 on the BodyMedia Fit Core Armband.
I have mixed feelings about this, clearly.
I mean, on the one hand, it’s pretty nifty. Unless I’m allergic to it (which, given my horrendous nickel allergy, is pretty likely), it could very well be a fantastic motivator. I know I’ve sorely missed my now sadly busted-to-heck pedometer (RIP); if I’d done nothing else with my day, it was usually a pretty safe bet I’d have hit my 10,000 steps, and if I hadn’t, it wasn’t too hard to get there and feel like I’d accomplished something. There’s something wonderful about that.
And that’s pretty much what brought about this purchase – I was looking into buying a replacement pedometer. It’s been several months, and I miss it terribly. So over the course of my pedometer searches, I kept hitting the BodyMedia Fit Armbands. I know they’re a built-in part of Jenny Craig, now (something I was a little annoyed about, once I’d been forced to give up JC; I didn’t get the nifty toy!), and they never steered me wrong when I was with them. I decided to start looking at reviews, and most of them were glowing. People have lost shocking quantities of weight with these things! Apparently, it’s pretty motivating. It’s the accountability I’ve been missing, since I stopped having to walk into my JC center and explain why I had, or hadn’t, made any progress in the last week. Because SparkPeople is great, and all, but it’s kind of… well, passive. I generally fail to track my food on weekends, but even though I feel a bit guilty about it the next time I log in, no one gives me that, “Oooh, naughty!” look. I drop off the face of SparkPeople’s Earth for months at a shot; no one contacts me to ask why, even when I have a perfectly good reason like gall bladder issues, gall bladder removal, or various and sundry other physical badnesses.
No one holds me accountable except for me. And to be brutally honest, I suck at holding myself accountable for anything.
So! Enter the BodyMedia Fit Core.
Here’s hoping it’s worth the cash. That, plus the fact that I may be wickedly allergic to it, are the things that give me pause. It’s not like I couldn’t have used that money in other, more practical ways. But I choose, at this time, to tell myself that in the long run, my long-term health is the most important thing; if I lose 30 – 40lbs, it should (in theory) make for significantly less in the way of medical bills in the future. One hopes, anyway. The specter that always hangs over my head is diabetes; it runs in the family, and I would very, very much like to avoid it. Failing that, I’d like to put it off as long as humanly possible.
At least the purchase came with 6 months of subscription (though since they give you 3 for free, it’s really only 3 months; still, since the cost of the band was significantly less at Costco than anywhere else, and no one else is offering ANY months free that I found… not going to complain!); I don’t have to worry about shelling out more for it till August. Unless I decide to throw pretty skins on it, which, being me… is pretty likely. Though the plan as it stands now is to wear a lot of long-sleeved shirts, so… there you go.
I’ve joined the SP team for people with gadgets like this. I’m not good about keeping up with SP teams, either, but... new leaf, right? If the stars align, I’m going to love the heck out of this thing and want to babble on about it with people who know what I’m talking about, so the team is probably a good idea.
I’ve been really, really good about tracking my food, even when I didn’t want to (today’s lunch entree, for example, is not precisely the healthiest – it’s a sandwich on gluten-free deli style bread, with a couple of slices of 2% American cheese and hard salami, each).
Consistency is generally the bane of my existence, so… keep your fingers crossed, folks.
Otherwise… well, at least there’s a money-back guarantee. You have to pay for shipping, though, darn it.
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  • JKM822
    I don't really have the money; that's the thing. I got it out of savings. Hence the guilt. But I could've spent it on a Blu-Ray player; I didn't. I could've spent it on a lot of things that wouldn't potentially have the beneficial effect this might. And what's done is done, anyway; can't (readily) undo it. Haven't done any good WORK yet (I haven't worked out yet this week, though I bet I will tonight!), but at least I'm on the right path. :-)
    Thanks for the support!!
    2628 days ago
    If I had the mone I would definitely buy one. No questions, no guilt. Keep up the good work. emoticon
    2628 days ago
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