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Individual Marathon Training Session 5 - Just Do It

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Mondays seem to be big for "just not feeling it" I'm finding, at least the last couple of weeks. Maybe it's the getting up earlier than I usually do. Maybe it's the fact we're doing it at the gym (don't get me wrong, I LOVELOVELOVE my gym and my "gym family", but the farther along we get in this journey, the more I'm realizing I REALLY prefer walking and running outside). Yesterday I'm pretty certain Mother Nature had her hand in things too (though TOM didn't really get going full force until I got home this morning, I have a feeling that just the fact it had started was enough to sap my energy).

And once again we got there too late to get anything in but our cardio. I've really been slacking on my strength training the past couple of weeks - need to sit down and make a better plan there. *sighs*

My DAUGHTER is totally knocking it outta the park. She's following the training schedule religiously, including making it to the gym without me on days I can't be there (she even got her dad to go with her last Tuesday when they had an open house - he's considering joining, though he's leery of contracts and intends to "shop around" a bit first).

Me? I got on the treadmill, and my left ankle felt "wonky" - not hurting specifically, just a kind of sharp "kink" that didn't feel right. I kept going for about 5 minutes hoping that it would work itself out once I'd warmed up, but it didn't go away, and I just had a bad feeling that if I pushed it, something was going to go very wrong. And right now, the LAST thing I want is an injury to slow me down - we're JUST getting up to the higher mileages (this weekend 11-12 miles are planned, next weekend 13-14, and the following weekend we're scaling back to 8-10, which is going to be a challenge for me to accomplish since we're looking to visit the NEO that weekend and I have NO idea where to attempt that on my own - suggestions welcome NEO Sparkfriends). SO I decided the smartest move would be to switch over to the elliptical - not exactly walking but less impact and still good cardio.

So to the elliptical I went (well, actually two - the first one was acting up, as I've found the older ones at my gym occasionally just start randomly adding resistance until you just can't move the thing anymore without killing yourself, so after about 7 minutes of fighting with it I got fed up and moved to one of the newer models) and pushed through a total of 45 minutes. And I do mean "pushed through" - about every 5 minutes I wanted to just say "screw it, I'm tired and wanna go home." But, my daughter was doing an hour, and there's no sense just sitting around the gym waiting for her right? So I soldiered on.

When I got off the elliptical and walked over to my daughter to check in with her progress, I noticed the ankle wasn't bothering me anymore. She still had about 5 minutes to go and then wanted to stretch, so I thought I'd go ahead and finish up my hour by walking 10 minutes on the treadmill. Which turned into 15, because I decided since my legs were feeling so much better I ought to get a LEAST a full mile behind me. And since I hadn't actually thought to check my distance when I got off the treadmill the first time, I decided to just use that 15 minutes to complete my hour, and blow off those first 5 minutes in terms of tracking.

I'll admit, as physically wrung out as I felt by the end of it, the endorphins had apparently kicked in enough that I felt pretty good by the time I got home. Still tired, but that "good tired" of having accomplished something. Which is a good thing - I had an emotionally rough night at work (I think I may have seriously experienced my first real panic attack at work last night, which is REALLY sad considering it was over something pretty minor and by and large we didn't have any major issues - I suspect the ongoing stress and knowing I've got 2 ugly mainframe maintenance nights looming in the next couple of weeks is starting to get to me, and the fact that I woke up tonight and was immediately nearly in tears at the thought of having to go back kinda says something). I'd chalk it up to hormones, except that isn't how my body works (for me it's *always* really been PRE-Menstrual Syndrome - once I start I'm back on an even keel). I don't think sifting through some old e-mail folders looking for some documentation helped anything - nostalgia is not my friend right now. Not when the end is really and truly coming, and soon (if current reports are to be believed anyway...I think I need to grill my boss soon to see if he's gotten any actual solid details yet, I don't think the uncertainty is helping either).

*shaking off thoughts of work*

Tomorrow we'll be doing speed training. AND may find ourselves walking in snow flurries! YAY SNOW!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    2323 days ago
    Yea. YEA! Way to get it done!
    Sorry about work. I hope it gets better, all the way around.
    2323 days ago
  • MISSG180
    You are doing an amazing job. I'm quite impressed. Keep up the good work!!
    2323 days ago
    Great job with the training-you better watch out or that daughter of yours is gonna show you up!

    Hang in there with the job stuff, which I know can be awfully difficult when the stress level rises. I hope you can get some solid answers about when things might be ending, so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    2323 days ago
    I can relate to quite a few things in this blog...! The PMS thing made me laugh! The week before I am rediculous! Once it occurs to me why I'm acting irrationally, I keep to myself for the safety of others, then I return to normal. So weird how that changes in 6 hours emoticon

    Good luck on your mileage-you're making great progess! It's great to have a partner, for certain. I don't knw where I'd be on my fitness if it wasn't for my work out buddies!

    Have a great week and stay warm, looks like snow headed your way!

    2323 days ago
    Keep up truckin', yo! This too shall pass and once you get on through to the other side you'll be walking on sunshine all the way to Scarborough faire.
    2323 days ago
    You and your daughter really inspire me to keep on keeping on! I love how you work through things even when part of you doesn't want to and wants to say screw it. lol

    And I never thought about TOM sapping energy... don't know why. That might explain part of my problem on today's run...(ponders)...
    2323 days ago
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