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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Well. I've been commissioned to write...unfortunately it was in a Sparkgoodie payment instead of real cash.

Let's see...since my last blog, I bought a membership to the awesome gym on campus and started going there fairly consistently during my lunch break. Then I stopped for some reason... And now I've started back up again. It feels good. I love when I'm sore.

I always start out on the track for a walk and jog, but lately it hasn't been doing much for me. So I've branched out and flirted with the rowing machine and elliptical. Normally I would be super snobby about machines and think that they do all the work for you and what a waste of space when you've already got arms, legs, and the ground...but good lord, the elliptical kicked my butt. I set it on the interval program so it pretty much did hills with massive amounts of resistance...and let me tell you, I was DRIPPING with sweat. It was awesome. The rowing machine is going to be a good friend of mine too I think. All through high school and college I thought about how being on crew would have been great....can you say KILLER shoulders?!?! So I'm hopping on there more often to get a nice upper body, and I think I'll be taking the elliptical for a spin more often too.

Plus, I've been doing weights more often, which is great to add to the soreness. Not pain, people...but the soreness of growing muscles and losing inches. :)

On a different front, some of you remember my adventure in veganism last year....well I'm dabbling with it again. Mostly I'm working on cutting out dairy, most particularly fatty dairy (butter...oh how I love it, cheese...I'll need prayer for that one, and cream/milk/etc) because it's the hardest thing to cut out! Also, I'm drastically cutting down on my meat consumption, which actually isn't very much, so pretty much I'm cutting out meat. At most I eat about half an egg and a tablespoon or less of ground sausage in these mini-frittatas that I've been bringing into work. I cooked them with soymilk this time, so no dairy at all in them. Otherwise, my little treat is Dove chocolates...darn Valentine's Day... I may continue eating the egg things, but soon enough I'll be sick of eggs (it happens often), so we'll see. :) for my personal life, I recently got a promotion. Well, I guess I can't consider it a promotion seeing as it is a lateral move (salary-wise) in the office, BUT it is definitely an upgrade in job title. Hello, I'm no longer Secretary, but Student Teaching Coordinator (for the largest teachers college in the state of Indiana, thank you very much). I'm happy that I was able to move up, move to the third position in answering phones in the office (cha-ching!), and move to a desk that's much farther away from the front door. :) Plus, since the last coordinator left, I'd been doing the job there's no training period or anything. I'm already making it my own too, changing the way we do some things, making things more streamlined and organized. It's nice. Plus, I've been organizing my desk and getting rid of unneeded things...that's always a nice feeling. :)

I think that's all from me for now! Bye!
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  • BECKYR16
    Sounds like life is good. Thanks for sharing :)
    2860 days ago
  • REEKU731
    Hiya sugar! I've missed you! Glad to hear you're rockin' it at the gym!!! Aren't rowing machines amazing?!?! I totally love them!!!

    Kudos on the vegan thing - I tried it again (since I did so well on it last year) and its just impossible being married to a carnivore. It makes it SO hard to eat in the house with one vegan and one carnivore, but I'm doing what I can - I've recently cut out dairy as well and am already feeling better! I agree - it was hard, but worth it....I'm a former cheese-fiend too!

    If you get tired of eggs, you can always swap for liquid egg whites, I use those and they're a lot easier on my tummy since its not as high in fats as using the whole egg...just a thought

    Anyways, congrats on the promotion! I'm really happy for you! I can't wait to hear about all your continued progress!!! Keep up the amazing work!!!
    2860 days ago
    Bribery - its a winner!

    My jaw is on the ground. Wow you are doing so well!

    Your not just nailing it in the gym your nailing it in life!

    I am SO SO proud of you emoticon

    Awesome awesome blog and so good to hear what you have been up to.

    As for the vegetarian thing? I am 3 days into a juice fast (yes only freshly juiced [insert any vegetable or fruit you can think of], no food) and am starting to feel really good for it.

    Although I would kill for a vege and tofu stir fry about now!

    You rock !!

    And tell me it didn't feel good to write that ;)
    2861 days ago
    Haha... I wondered where you had been lately - now I know! Good for you to try something new; it sounds like you have your energy back.

    I am well into my clearing and cleaning mode; getting ready for a fresh start both at home and in my new office too!
    2861 days ago
  • ALYSSA40
    Honey, the elliptical machine is my best friend! It also helped me get into to jogging years ago and just now again! It doesn't do the work for you, it intensifies it! I think you're doing great job and congratulations on the promotion! You're going to be just fine!
    2861 days ago
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