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Week 5 in Review Jan 29-Feb 4

Monday, February 06, 2012

I started the week out with a much more “in the present” kind of mind-frame, it helped. I did much better with my goals this week, not perfect but better. I am taking it as a win. I have also identified a real issue for me, snacking. I did not notice it so much during the summer because there was a lot more fresh fruit in the house to grab. Needless to say, more fruit will be on the next shopping list!

I tried some different options for meals this week for me. They were basically precooked fresh meals that you heat up in the microwave. They were convenient, a plus; interesting choices, a plus; and ready in just a few minutes, also a plus. I would not want to eat them every day, but they were a nice change this week. I have found myself over the past few weeks resenting the amount of time it takes me to prepare meals. I love to cook, but it had become a chore. Keep in mind I cook something different for three people at almost every meal because of food allergies/preferences. My Dad is a meat and potatoes guy, (who does not like leftovers) hubby leans with him, but will eat a few more choices in vegetables, (and would eat leftovers for a week if I served them) and I have to read every label and be concerned about dairy, beef, and the ever present gluten. Since these meals are freshly prepared, they have a pretty short “best by” date, so I plan on just purchasing now and again for busy weeks. It provided me a much needed break from the kitchen this week, which I am thankful for.

1) Average 10 glasses of water daily
2) 5 cardio sessions per week (split between Curves and walking)
3) Walk 12 miles per week
4) Average 10,000 steps daily (stretch goal for me was getting appr. 6,000)
5) Track all food daily and stay within calorie range
6) Get at least 60 grams of protein daily
7) Strength Training 2x per week

1) Drank 64 glasses of water, average 9.14 glasses per day (increase from last week)
2) 7 cardio sessions. Walked 3 days, and hit Curves for at least 45 minutes 4 days
3) Walked 10.65 miles during my 3 cardio walks, and got in 42.14 total miles on my pedometer for all walking throughout the week. (increase of 3 miles cardio, and 10.75 miles total)
4) Walked 83531 steps for an average of 11933 per day (WooHoo goal met, increase of 3045 per day)
5) Tracked everything on the Nutrition Tracker, within calorie range
6) Met protein requirements every day (goal met!)
7) None done

Focus for upcoming week:
1) Water intake rather than diet soda
2) Maintain 10,000 steps daily
3) Meal and snack planning

Wishing you all a week filled with forward movement!
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