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Sunday, February 05, 2012

TIme to play catch-up LOL.

Had a fantastic thanksgiving week down in North Carolina and really traveling around the east U.S. Trip started the Friday night before Thanksgiving week - I drove down to CT so my dog could stay with some of my family and play with their dog while I was gone. Left the next morning (Saturday), headed over to Providence, Rhode Island to pick up one of my Bike and Build buddies and then we made our way to Philadelphia. Got there in the afternoon, picked up two more buddies from the airport and met with the three guys who were running the Philly Marathon at the house of one of our other teammates. Her roommate is one of the directors of B&B so she had like ten people from her own trip staying there, too. It was awesome chaos!! It really is true that once you've done this program, its like you're all family. Some people cooked a big pre-marathon dinner and me and a few others made some cheering posters. Those of us who weren't running drank beer and we all just had a good time. (Damnnnnn as much as I love the excitement of being in a marathon, it felt soooo good to be a spectator!!!!) Next morning, I got up at 0500 to drive the three guys to the starting area since I had my car there and I wanted them to have as little to worry about as possible. Also so they didn't have to check their belongings and could wear their sweatshirts and stuff up until the gun went off and I would be there to hold them. My friend Pat came with me, too. (Which, thank god because I can't operate an iPhone GPS to save my life.) I dropped them all off and then drove around the city by University of the Arts in insane marathon morning traffic to find parking. LOLOLOL. I told Pat to get out with the runners and I would catch up with him so at least if I didn't make it over there by the start time, that he could grab their stuff. I managed to find a parallel spot that was free because it was Sunday and it was literally 3 blocks from the start. THANK YOU MARATHON GODS. Also perfect so they wouldnt have to walk far after they finished!! Found Pat and the 3 others through some sixth sense marathon finisher intuition that must have been instilled in me post NYC to navigate through 30,000+ people. hahah. Took pictures, laughed, saw them start and then walked with Pat a few blocks over to mile 6 (Philly sets up their course awesomely for spectators). Saw them run by there, then went to the train station to look around, walked around the riverfront and just talked and hung out together all day. Our other friends finally woke up haha and went out to mile 19 so we were relaying times so Pat and I would know when to catch the guys at the finish. It was so perfect. Less than four hours later we were at the finish line to see one of our buddies finish! Pat ran to get chocolate milk for him and the other two who were coming. I stood in line with Ben as he waited for his free massage. About an hour later the two others came through together.

I bought a juicer back in November/December and I wanted to blog about it because it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. I did some research online and went with a slow speed, masticating juicer, partially because i read reviews that claimed that the slow speed made sure the juice didn't get heated or lose enzymes as much as would happen with other juicers, but also because of the versatility of this type of juicer. In addition to juicing just about any fruit, vegetable or grass, the kind I went with can make nut butters, nut milk, fresh pasta and grind coffee beans. I thought that was a kind of cool feature since I love cooking and just want to get more creative in utilizing more whole foods more regularly in my diet.

How I narrowed down which particular juicer to by was just by the number of 4-5 star reviews. I found the Omega A8005 Juicer. Out of 177 reviews, 129 gave it 5 stars and an additional 31 people gave it 4 stars. I bought it.

I have been juicing the following in whatever random mix I feel like it, daily: carrots, cucumbers, spinach, kale, butternut squash, fresh cranberries, celery, grapefruits, lemons, mangoes, apples, ginger root. I try to put more vegetables and then usually just an apple and some cranberries to sweeten/ cut the taste a little. I'm trying to go with lower glycemic combinations, too, because I think juicing can get a bad rap as high sugar and I'm just trying to be conscious about it because I have a lot of diabetes in my family, whether or not this kind of stuff affects that or not (I've read conflicting articles). It's kind of nice because I've never had kale before now, and I hate beets but I might try those in a juice. I feel like I am getting TONS of nutrients, enzymes and the benefits of raw food all in a very convenient and savory juice. It literally feels like a treat to have this big glass of pulpy juice I made in the morning, or in the afternoon or after a workout. And it leaves me feeling FULL and Satisfied!!! Juicing feels so productive and efficient because I have been using the fruit/veg pulp in other meals, too. shredded carrots and cucumbers and celery and apple pulp on top of salads. The other night I took what looked like a rainbow confetti explosion of veg pulp and mixed it into ground beef and made twice the amount of healthier meatballs.

Before, almost always there would be some fruits and veggies in my fridge that would expire and rot because I couldn't get to them all quickly enough. I always think for some reason it's a good idea to buy all this produce, forgetting somehow how busy i really am, how i wont make elaborate meals with them and that often what i crave for meals in the store isn't the same the next day and they just sit there. Making a juice takes about 5 minutes and I end up consuming SO much more vegetables that way. It's just more realistic than gnawing on a whole package of celery, 6 whole carrots, an apple, a half a bag of spinach. Who has time or energy or even an appeal for that??

The novelty hasn't worn out and I'm kinda feeling like it won't really. GOGOSHIRE, upon finding out that I got the Omega juicer, told me she has had the same one for YEARS and has loved it and always uses it. The thing is definitely built to last. And it is so fricken easy to use. There are only 6 components to it including the base. It is SO easy to assemble and take apart and clean.

Okay so if that wasn't an infomercial and a half LOL. Bottom line. Juicing. Hell fricken yeah.

In other news, I spent the week from Christmas to New Years in Florida on an alumni ride with the organization I rode cross-country with on my bike this past summer. This trip is just 230ish miles down the treasure coast of Florida - from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale to be precise and any alum from any of their routes can go. It's in memory of one of the first leaders to the org who got killed in a pedestrian accident in 2005. It was fricken awesome! Just awesome awesome people, beautiful and FLAT sunny florida and lots of late night drinking and costumes and just all around FUN. so carefree and a perrrrrrfect way to close out one year, welcome in a new one. I drove from VT to FL though - so putting over 3,000 miles on my car was not fun LOL but it was in a strange way nice to take the time to decompress and drive and just see the country change from one end to the other. It was a hell of a lot cheaper than flying given the holidays. I think I'm going to try to do the ride every year I can - as it stands my office gives us that exact week off paid for a benefit because its kind of like the state offices... no one's gonna come in anyway. So it's nice because I don't have to use my vacation time for it either.

Next on the docket is the triathlon I signed up for in June and I just registered for the Chicago Marathon in October. I'm so looking forward to being in Chicago and to the next 8 months of training. This time around I'm gonna go out faster, train myself up to run faster and just wipe the slate clean - start fresh - like a throwback to 2010 almost. I think reflecting on that year and where I have beeen in life since then will be a good mental/ mindfulness activity for me. I want this marathon to be a PR. And the cap is 6:30:59 anyway so I need to get good here LOL. Good thing I have plenty of time for it. Other than that I have been feeling somewhat depressed lately. The experience of being 25. Not fitting in with people my age and what is typical socially for the twenty somethings. I think I'm going to really focus my next couple years on continuing to build my career, saving money, getting my debts taken care of and becoming who I want to be mind, body and soul. The more I hear about it, the thirties are when you really start to feel like life is coming together, if you're prepared for it. I dont want to waste the rest of my twenties so I'm refocusing and just going to work on my goals.

I'm graduating my MA in two weeks and working on the presentation. My thesis and research was about eating dis/orders, complex trauma and endurance running/ sport. I'm making a video to show at my presentation; maybe I will put it on here somehow when it's done. :-)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    thanks for the info about the juicer. I've been debating the purchase and this was very useful information.
    2297 days ago
    Getting a juicer sounds more and more appealing... hmmm...
    2297 days ago
    It's great to "see" you Dashalicious!!! You've been a BUSY girl!!!!!
    2297 days ago
    Great to see the update. Now I'm very interested in getting a juicer.

    I would love to see your thesis video if you can figure out how to post it or are willing to just send a link to those who express interest.

    The thirties were great for me. My forties, I think, have been even better. Maybe that's because of the kidlet though. A good part of it is better self esteem though.

    Thanks again for the update. I have been thinking of you.

    2299 days ago
  • ALOFA0509

    Yaaaa--- love the juicer review, I bought a Breville juicer and I LOOOOVVVVEEEE it!!! you are soo right on abt it making you feel full and very satisified.. mixing in the pulp in meals have been frickin cool too-- Cheers!
    2299 days ago
  • SHEILA1505

    Thanx for the update, Ash - wonderful to see what you've been doing. No wonder you've not had time / needed to blog here :)
    The juicing sounds good and you're benefitting from it.
    Good luck with all the prep work for the Tri and Marathon!

    Big hugs
    2300 days ago
    You. Amaze. Me.
    2300 days ago
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