HOLY MOLY this is actually working!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

I weighed in this morning at 134.6, this means that I have lost almost 5 pounds in 4 days! My goal weight is only 15 pounds away! Before I started the Eat to Live plan, I was plateaued at between 139 and 142, and I was counting calories (well, I was counting calories on the days I didn't binge eat ; )

But here's the real message:

I feel FANTASTIC! The fresh vegetables and fruits have cleaned out my system. I must have been full of sh$! - literally. Now I feel light and free from the sludge that had built up inside of me. It's liberating! This morning I woke up for the first time NOT feeling hungry. I didn't eat until 12 pm, and the fresh fruit bowl (mixed berries and a banana) was enough! I haven't felt ANY desire to binge since starting this program, and since I can have an unlimited amount of veggies, fruits, and beans, I feel full after every meal. It's truly AWESOME!

I'm so grateful to God, Dr. Fuhrman, and to all of y'all for inspiring me to seek out a permanent healthy solution. This WORKS for me...I am finally having my AH HA moment!

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