oh no I did it again!!!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Wow ever since Thanksgiving it has been a downward spiral with so many turns. I can't believe the holidays did the toll, but it was really me. I need to own it I was giving into temptation so bad! I went from 129 now back to 136 again wow. I am back to the drawing board. :(((( My friend as a Christmas present got me a lifetime fitness membership. I am starting tomorrow with the personal trainer can't wait! It has been really hard to adjust to working full time and school. I had to drop 2 classes now I am back to part time much better. I am such a stress eater!!!! My job had lay offs with in my department that made me stress out! I should have been in the gym. no more excuses! I found an awesome app called lose it! I counted my cals today. Doing great so far but oh so hungry. I just keep drinking water when I am wanting to eat. Start over is ok, now I learned from my mistakes and I not be doing them again!!!
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