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Friday, February 03, 2012

Just wanted to take the super long info off my page but wanted a reminder of why i keep at it no matter what =)

My stats:

Highest recorded weight: 214.5

Average weight
between 130-40 during late high school
145-50 after high school @ 5’6”

Things that lead to weight gain:
Finding identity in college
Feeling alone (moved away from family/friends)
Quit smoking
Ate to replace smoking & emotions
Being concerned about family
Sis in military
Parents health/well-being
My Thyroid nodules/hormone imbalance
Being careless about my health
Binge drinking in later college years
What prompted change:
Thyroid nodules
Feeling rejected because of weight
Being too withdrawn & wanting to get out to meet people
Being uncomfortable & eager to build self-confidence

How I did it:

Started with modified South Beach diet
Eventually incorporated all foods
Cardio 6 days a week
(3 hours a day in the beginning - 1 hour each machine)
*note that I no longer do this ~ it was too much stress on my body
Walk/jog intervals
Eventually running (which I’ve come to love!)
Strength training 3 days a week (full body circuits)
Walking my pup 3x/day 7 days/week (*SparkPuppy*)
Reading health books/magazines/websites
Planning ahead
Socializing (being more involved meant less food consumption while home alone)
Music, lots of it. It’s one of the only thing that kept my workouts fueled.
Kept a book with all my nutritional and fitness info recorded. Collected quotes to insert in book
Utilized Sparkpeople!( Loooooooove this site, just wish I had more time to use it *my computer crashed*)
Photo progression to see progress - I’d share more pics but until my comp is fixed, I have no access to my harddrive :(

Weight over time:

214.5 lbs ~ Jan 2008
208 lbs ~ May 2008
186 lbs ~ Oct 2008
Unemployed, college graduate - depression kicked in & weight was back up to:
210.8 ~ Nov 2009
Moved back to parents home
201 - 210 ~ Nov 2009 - Feb 2010 (got a job in between)
Joined a Gym
193 - March 2010
184 - May 2010
Injured, on crutches
190 - June/July 2010
187 - Aug 2010
Leg almost healed
180 - Sept 2010
176 - Oct/Nov 2010
169 - Dec 2010
163 - Jan 2011
161 - Feb 2011
157 - March 2011

What I do now:

Cardio is normally 3-5 times a week, mostly running and walk/jog intervals for a minimum of 3 miles. Strength is twice a week, full body circuit training. I still walk my pup but not as often because he’s so small and hides from the cold and wind of NY (we were living in Miami, FL). Weather is breaking so he’ll be back to Sparkpuppy shape in no time! I never stop moving, whether dancing around the house, cleaning, standing as I type, taking a quick run up & down the stairs at home or work, chasing my dog or have him chase me….always in motion.

Still eat mostly natural and healthy, avoiding fast foods & processed but sometimes….well, you know. I’m not perfect and have had tremendous trouble with my health (other issues which I prefer not to mention) but I lost weight, lowered my cholesterol, gained confidence, found a bit of happiness, and I’m still progressing toward making my life the “Happy” that I want it to be.

Thanks for visiting and reading! All the best to you!
* *ღ´¯`°•.¸.•°´¯`ღ* *ღ´¯`°•.¸.•°´¯`ღ* *ღ´¯`°•.¸.•°´¯`ღ*
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