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Friday, February 03, 2012

Ok, so who the heck knew abt losing weight by just counting calories???? Ok, all of sparkpeople. BUT, now I DO. Sure, I may not be getting all I need everyday, but one day at a time, or one meal at a time. I AM FRGGIN LOSING WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in the 2's again, & as much as I can't wait to see the 1's....wow, if it's anything like this... Onederland, here I come MOVE ASIDE!!!
Aside from that, I FINALLY got my car back (had a rental for a mth... felt great to drive a safe car.!!) I picked it up today & it ran great on the way home. I don't know if I'll ever feel totally safe in it again, but it's all I can do for now.
Got a voice mail from my mother saying she had to take my father to the hospital this am (it's now almost 5pm.) They did a heart cath & apparently it's the same thing as last time. Glad it wasn't more serious.... if it was, I'd hope she'd have called me sooner!. Grrrrrr....... Anyway.......
Over the next few days, I'm really going to get back into the swing of exercising again. I've also started donating platelets again. (Couldn't for a couple months due to a couple tiny (but open) scratches on my arm. God, I was in such withdrawl from NOT going!!! LOL Ok, :::deep breath:::: I. feel. ok. There, I said it (& meant it). Trying to focus on good things, & even though I'm not forgetting abt the crazy stuff, or stressful stuff (cause that's going to be there.) I'm trying to NOT let that take over me. So, kind of like giving the stressful stuff a little clump of the day to focus on it, & then that's it. We'll see.
I'm slowly making good changes, & seeing results feels WONDERFUL!!!!! So, if there's anyone who is reading this who feels like they can't do it.... TRUST ME, if I can, you can!!!!!! emoticon emoticon
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