Feb Week 1 WUB

Friday, February 03, 2012

Oh yeah...I'm back! :)

1. Be nicer to myself--making a little headway with it. I feel like I would be doing a little better with this one if I had an actual plan of action to adhere to, but I'm just winging it for the time being. Hopefully, I can come up with something to do before the end of the month because I just do SO much better when I have some kind of structure!

2. RUN!--Nailing this! I did a pretty decent elliptical run on Monday (considering it was my first day back at the gym), had a treadmill run on Wednesday that went WAY better than I had expected, and had an AWESOME run today! I actually ran for an entire mile with no walk breaks...TWICE!! Not that it improved my time, mind you...I'm just not a very fast runner yet...BUT...I'm super stoked about being able to run a straight mile!! I haven't done that in many, many years!!

3. Attempt to not obsess about the scale--was doing great with this until I weighed myself this morning. Plateau back on. :( BUT...bright side...I didn't gain any weight over my illness break!! I was sure I had! So I'm not feeling crazy about this plateau yet...which I'm going to count as a win!

Overall...great week!! I am really just a happier person when I get to workout. Period. I'm doing a pretty okay job of getting back on track nutritionally (just sticking to SP ranges right now and trying to "eat well"). I haven't had a rest day this week from "hard cardio", but that is what Saturday and Sunday are going to be for this week. :)
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