They FIT!!!!

Friday, February 03, 2012

So I decided to treat myself to some new workout clothes yesterday and I picked out 2 pairs of pants and 3 shirts. But here is the kicker I purchased the pants about 1-2 sizes too small I usually wear a 2XL 20/22 so I that I can pull my pants over my belly! I have a small waist but big belly that I like to hide.

The pants were a size XL 16/18 and I said to my self I'm not gonna try them on until I get home because they "look" like they will fit and I could just return them if they didn't. So I went to my SIL house to pick her up to go to Zumba and I went in the bathroom put them on.... and what do you know they FIT and I had ROOOOM for more LOL!

I am really happy about my journey to a healthier and better me! Every time when I least expect it something good happens that makes me want to keep going!

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