Friday, February 03, 2012

I started exercising 5 x week the second week in January.. I've been walking 5-10 miles a week, llifting some weights 3 x week, and I've been watching my calories, though I always seem to be hungry, and my calorie level is not that low. Still, I'm eating less than I was, so I'm wondering why I've seen absolutely no change on the scale, or, sometimes my weight even seems to go up? Why is it that when I start consistently exercising and lowering my calories, my body ignores my efforts? I know some people can get a virus or the flu or go to the hospital, and they'll lose 5-10 pounds, whereas I usually stay the same or my weight goes up. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? It's very frustrating.

That's why I get so infuriated when people say that it's as simple as calories in, calories spent. If only that were true! Why is it so much easier for some people to lose weight, and so much harder for others? What is with my body? I have a friend who eats constantly, eats stuff I would never dream of eating, never exercises, and she's always thin. HOW IS THAT FAIR? (Okay, I just needed to rant. I'm not giving up. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?)
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    Ah..... same ole' question.

    I learned that it can be water-weight; hormones; air pressure!
    3121 days ago
    Hey TAra!!!!! it was so encouraging to come back after 3 years, nearly TO THE DAY, and find you had sent me email up through the beginning of this year!!!! and your email could have been a carbon copy of one I would have sent out... but I didn't completely emerge from my depression for a month or so after you had... would love to get in touch again...stay away from the BRINK, guerll... you know which one! emoticon
    3296 days ago
    start measure chest, waist, hips, and also start tracking resting heart rate, blood pressure monthly. Bodyfat% if you can. Doesn't matter if the method you choose is a couple of percent out, as long as it goes down long term.

    Record which weights you're lifting. How fast you can walk.

    Cholesterol check quarterly.

    There are more ways to measure progress than weight. :)

    Also, your previous lifestyle may have made it difficult for you to deal with the food you're eating. Some people respond well to a high carb diet, some others to high protein and fat. Find which works for you.,
    3381 days ago
  • MIMMA_
    You may not be seeing the numbers on the scale drop for a reason.

    Remember, the scale isn't the only way to measure your progress.

    Muscle weighs more than fat. If you're doing strength training, there's a good chance that what's happening is that fat is disappearing, but in the process, you are building your muscles, which are getting firmer (and heavier!).

    Are your clothes feeling loose?

    I bet if you measure yourself, you'll see that your measurements are probably smaller than they were when you started.

    3381 days ago
    I certainly hear you. I think that some of us are just "luckier" than others and keep finding the "lost" weight of others. We need to stay away from people that are talking about "HOW" much they have lost because we are sure to find it! The only reason we don't find ALL of it is because others seem to have that "luck" we have. So DO NOT listen or or ask others if they have lost weight. If others are around talking about it put your fingers in your ears and run the other way. At least you will get your exercise in! emoticon
    3382 days ago
    *** SIGH**** I hear ya! I always lose up to a certain point, no where NEAR my goal, and end up on this 3-4 month plateau (and I'm pretty sure that's too long for a plateau) and eventually give up. But I'm not giving up this time!!!

    WE CAN DO IT!!!
    3382 days ago
    just keep up the good work you will see results eventually
    3382 days ago
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