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T-110 Days: MORE GOOD NEWS!!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

It's funny - I think our moving plans to most people sound backwards. I have told so many people we are moving back... definitely. And they are always like, "Did he get a job over there?"..... "Um, No. Not Yet." It's like people expect you to have the job and the secure things all lined up, otherwise moving is just... crazy!

No, we had to wait for applying for jobs. Why? Because we had some HUGE concerns (as stated in my other blogs) that he would NOT be granted a Visa right away. We didn't want to get into negotiations with a job, and then not be able to tell them for certain IF and WHEN we were even coming.

But now... IT IS ON!!! My husband started last night by contacting his old work colleagues and superiors. The company he used to work for is a huge nation-wide company. He left of such good terms, I can't even count the times people told him, if he ever wanted to come back, they'd give him his job back. But it's a large company.... Lots of beaurocracy when applying.... You know, that kind of thing.

He sent out an email to several people... And we thought that was it for the evening. But within just a FEW minutes, he got SEVERAL replies, all from people overjoyed to hear the news he was coming back. They quickly forwarded his email to a recruiter, who in turn sent him an email with a special password to access their huge job application system, so he could apply as an "employee referral." That should definitely help get his foot inside the door. emoticon

To top it off even more, one of his old co-workers who he'd emailed was online, and started to IM him. She said 2 other guys he used to work with were "arm-wrestling" to see who had dibs on my hubby when he got back, because they work in teams at his old job. emoticon That totally made his day!! She even said she is moving out of the Pensacola area, and is putting up her house as a lease-to-own deal, if we were interested! This just keeps getting better and better.

So, we went through the whole application process, and even found they have 1 or 2 job positions open in Pensacola! If it worked out where he got his old job, and we were back in Pensacola, he is just gonna be thrilled. AWESOME, AWESOME, emoticon!!! He's also in contact with his old boss, and the recruiter, so we are definitely getting something rolling in that area! emoticon

emoticon DAY 9 of 14 - No-Sugar, No-Baked-Goods Challenge

Well, there is nothing new to report - just that I am STICKING TO IT!! It is not easy, and I feel tempted with the baked goods, but I keep on resisting! emoticon Pumpin' that self-control muscle, YEAH!! Gettin' stronger every day!!

I really need to sit down and devise a whole marathon/half marathon training program over the weekend. I want something definite, with specific runs I do on certain days. I like that I KNOW what I am doing every day, and it's not so much up-in-the-air and spontaneous, because then I tend to modify my planned workout in my head to be less and less.... LOL With the upcoming moving chaos that is about to hit, I really need to have a definite plan to keep me focused. I currently am using a great HM training plan, but with me taking on the marathon, I need to modify it a bit, to make sure I am getting some longer training runs in there. I definitely have the mileage base and time to build up. Just gotta work out a plan!

So, MARATHON/HALF MARATHON TRAINING PLAN - that is my assignment this weekend.

My half marathon is on May 1st, and will be my last race here in Germany. I am inviting other people I know to run it to, so I can make it a memorable and fun run. emoticon

Then my marathon is the Make It By Midnight Marathon in GA on July 14th. That is gonna be my BIG HOMECOMING race!! Since it is more of a party than a race, I think it is going to be PERFECT! Gonna meet up with other SparkFriends too! It's gonna be PURE AWESOMENESS!!!

Keep steppin', Sparkers!! Keep reaching for those goals!! Do NOT give up! It is never too late to start again, and try anew!
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