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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Returning to work after being retired for 5 years draws a lot of comments. Everyone seems to think you really need money OR you are bored out of your skull.

In my case, neither is true. I have never been bored. Never. I don’t remember ever sitting around thinking “I don’t have anything to do”. I enjoyed all my friends and family and interests and the freedom to wake up each morning and choose what I’d do today. I was fortunate to have more than one stream of income when I retired and had no problem living within my means with some left over.

I’ve always been a very hard worker. I ENJOY working. I miss working with the public – the sometimes grouchy, unhappy public (especially when you work in the criminal justice system) and the often fearful public, confused about what to do next.

I also missed the satisfaction of a job well done – a sense of accomplishment in completing a task. You may not realize it when you have been working all your life, but you do face a challenge of sorts at work every day, and you tackle it, resolve it and go home with the right to feel you have done well.

A few jobs have been offered me over the past five years, but I was still de-stressing. Most of the pain issues I had with my back and hip went away and I know the rest and swimming and other good exercise helped heal me. So when this job was offered to me, I thought about it overnight, consulted with a few people close to me, and accepted it.

I knew I’d be really tired at first, maybe for 2 or 3 weeks. I am. The first few days were really tiring, but exciting as well. I’m 5 days into it now and beginning to feel normal again and my body is not complaining much at all. I look forward to going in every morning, and yes, I’ll be looking forward to my first paycheck. It goes in my “house fund” for various projects this year, starting with a new privacy fence.

So, while I wasn’t bored or destitute, I was missing some “satisfaction” and knew that if I didn’t take my chance this one last time, I might miss it all together. I’m 63 and will probably enjoy working for another couple of years, so why not?

Besides, I believe the Universe keeps offering me these opportunities for a reason. Who am I to resist?


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  • JUSTJO66
    I am glad that you are doing soemthing that makes
    you happy...afterall, that is what life is all about.
    For me...I'm still wanting to be retired. I don't
    think I'll ever get tired of being home but that
    comes from someone who has worked since I was
    15. We'll see, I'm counting the years until
    I can retire.

    2692 days ago
  • MOGAL1946
    Congratulations on a new chapter of your life. I think each day is an adventure in itself whether you work outside the home or busy with day to day activities. You just never know what's around the corner. I was due to retire last September at 65 but made the choice to continue on for another two years, then we will see! Enjoy your life!
    2708 days ago
    I think I would have made the same decision, hope you enjoy it Karen!
    emoticon emoticon
    2721 days ago
    I have been offered a few jobs along the way too and considered them but decided I covet my freedom too much. It sounds like you thought this out well and it will work for you.
    2723 days ago
    Good for you, Karen.

    I "retired" in 2008 at age 46, after losing the 3rd job, within 6 years of having MS. Being in the world of the not-employed was a difficult transition for me. However, I have tried a few part time things, and, due to various reasons, I have been unable to find something that seemed like a good fit for me.

    I have also volunteered, usually an hour or two a day, pretty regularly since 2008. Finally, after about 3 years, I am beginning to feel fairly comfortable with who I am as a non-employed adult. Although, in my head, I have realized, from the start of receiving SSDI, that many adults might LOVE to be paid by the goverment for not-working, and would LOVE the freedom of being able to plan how to spend those new-found free hours in a day, it was difficult for me to give up working, because I had also always enjoyed that.

    Over time, though, I have begun to accept emotionally (and not only recognize cognitively) the "blessings" that accompany being the the world of the disabled and SSDI.

    However, that is still not what I would have chosen, had I been given a choice in 2008.

    Good for you, for being able to return to an employment and for being able to enjoy re-experieincing job satisfaction.

    ~ Faith
    2724 days ago
  • DGAIL51
    Karen, you are an asset wherever you are & to all those fortunate enough to be in your circle. I love your positive attitude. I am considering some part time work, but will have to bone up on current regulations (healthcare). I have kept my license with continuing education credits, etc. but would have to go through quite a process to get back into the field (for my own comfort level). I get calls often about positions, but only this week got news of one I might consider. I have only just become a little restless very recently. Until then, I have been quite satisfied to be retired. Like you, my health has improved, but I still have issues. A lot to think about!

    You continue to be an inspiration & I am glad you are having a great time. And, what fun to dream about the home projects! I do love my home improvement projects!!! lol. (DH is often a little fearful when I get that "look") LOL

    2724 days ago
    I am so happy for you Karen. I'm 68 yrs. young ( as of yesterday). I have been retired, so to speak, for 10 yrs. now. I am so busy with rental property, It's like having a job...Wait..... It is a job. LOL The cleaning, painting, paper work, record keeping and all keeps me busier than I would like. LOL Like Kay said: It helps keep us young. Congratulations on staying young. (((Hugs))).
    2724 days ago
  • JUDY1676
    I'm glad you are happy with a return to work. As for me, I am getting a lot of satisfaction out of doing my volunteer work. (And I do not want to have to get up and moving in the morning!) It's great we can make our own choices!
    2724 days ago
  • SILLYHP1953
    I love your attitude and think the universe knows what it's doing!
    2724 days ago
    Very interesting blog. I am seriously considering retiring next January--only 11 more months. I don't know whether to gleefully start the countdown, or dread the prospect. I have a lot more ambiguity about this decision than I thought I would. I honestly believed that I would retire at the first possible moment. I will be 62 next Jan. and can begin drawing on my SS, as well as my retirement fund, so money should be adequate--equal to what I am making now. About 3 1/2 years ago I went to a 4-day week. That has been so wonderful--taking every Friday off and having a 3-day weekend. I get most of my errands done on Friday and then still have my weekend to do what I want.

    But I just keep thinking, "What if I regret my decision to retire?" It's not like I can have this job back after I retire from it. And I'm afraid starting a new job would just be too stressful for me, after spending the last 35 years in THIS job. I do have plans to do some substitute teaching after retirement. I took a class last Fall to get my teaching certificate updated, now I need to attend an orientation session and I'm all set. But the thought of standing up in front of a classroom full of kids makes my stomach churn. That's how nervous I am about trying it. Even thought I wanted to be a teacher, went to college 40 years ago to be a teacher, and even spent a year as a teacher aid (or para as they all them today), I never could get a job as a REAL teacher. I remember loving student teaching and the teacher aid job wasn't bad either, but if you think a teacher's pay is low, you oughta see how much an aid makes--NOTHING AT ALL!

    Anyway, it was interesting to read about how you loved retirement, but also loved to work, and now you have gotten to do both. Good luck!
    2724 days ago
  • NOMIS1
    good for you.

    As for me, I love being retired and really can't relate but it seems a perfect fit for you.
    2724 days ago
    This is a blog I can definitely NOT relate to! There is nothing I miss about going to work. I love my retirement!!! Love it, love it, love it! However, the blog was well written....and I am glad you are doing what you feel you need to do. vista emoticon
    2724 days ago
    This is a nice blog -- I hadn't thought about the parts of the job that I would miss. I love my job, but I know that I could retire and not run out of things to do at home. You raise a good question for me: would I be as satisfied?
    2724 days ago
  • GABY1948
    I'm about in the same situation as you, Karen, age and all...and I understand totally what you are saying. You GO, girl! Whatever makes you happy! I think that is awesome! I agree with Kay, it will keep you young! emoticon
    2724 days ago
    I am so glad this opportunity presented itself to you. It was destiny and besides that the "house fund" needs to grow so you can fulfill some of those things you want to improve on your house. I'm jealous that you are working at a job you enjoy. That doesn't happen for everyone.
    2724 days ago

    I'm glad that this job makes you happy. That the important aspect of life. Being happy will keep you young.
    2724 days ago
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