What makes me stressed?

Thursday, February 02, 2012

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, well since before Xmas and i lost my cool at one of my staff at work. I complained about myself to HR and told them what had happened. This one particular staff member really aggregates me, but I need to be able to find ways to let it go, and not get cross.

I didn't really think I was particularly stressed, just as stressed as your average manager of 16 people. But once I stopped and thought about all the stressors in my life (and I know we all have them), my list was reasonable.

One of the things that bothers me on a daily basis is my manager (he is the national GM of our business) and I don't know what to do about it. He really frustrates me quite often and a lot of it has to do with how he manages us managers, and the senior staff in our network. I liked him fine when he was a colleague, but not now that he is my boss. I don't know if i just don't like his style, or what i see as his view of how the business should run.

He seems to have already made up his mind about major business decisions before discussing them with the relevant senior staff and getting input from everyone who should be involved in the process. even though he says he listens to what our senior staff say, I don't think he's really hearing the words. And this is really annoying a lot of people. In fact one of our most qualified staff members (really invaluable to our network) has just left coz he ticked h off so much! I need to figure out a way of telling him this whilst being tactful (not my strong suit). Coz if I don't tell him some day, it's going to continue bugging the heck out of me.

A lot of staff don't like him, they believe he only thinks about the money and doesn't actually care about the staff, they think he talks the talk, but has no clue how to walk it, his priorities are wrong and he's too interested in butt kissing above him that he has no idea how the people making the business work feel, or how important they are.

I think this stresses me out because i care about my staff and my business unit a lot. I might go about things the wrong way sometimes, but I will always stick up for my staff and what I believe is a fair deal. But I need to learn to pick my fights, and fight them in a calmer way.

Phew, that was a big offload! Sorry about that everyone. Just me getting some stress relief by writing in a journal! If anyone has any brilliant suggestions, I'm all ears!
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    You've already done what I do to relieve colleague-related stress--write it all down and vent. I get all my meanness and insults out of the way, then figure out what I can and can't ignore, and try to come up with a tactful solution.

    I work with a clueless, incompetent, nasty person and must find some space every day to stretch and do some yoga moves, clear my mind and tell myself life is too short to dwell on petty, vicious people. The problem is that we are both nurses and the things she does/says/doesn't do endangers patients. Boy, she makes my hard job a lot harder!

    Thanks for letting me vent. Good luck to you.
    2607 days ago
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