I've lost 100 lbs :) :) :) :) :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

TMI but during my period I gain weight the week before and then the week of I drop like crazy. The week after I usually go back up 2 or 3 lbs though.
So a few days ago I was at 212. Last night I decided to hop on the scale after my shower right before work and it was exactly 205. That's 100 lbs lost.
Today I was back up at 206 so I can't technically say I've lost the full 100 lbs but the scale said it, even if it was just for one night so I'm keeping it.
I really only had time to tell Josh freak out with him for a few minutes before I had to head out to work.
I only told a few people there because I want it to stay at 100 lbs lost for a few days before I really celebrate it here which probably means give me 2 more weeks. Once I hold it for 3 days I'm putting away the scale. I still have around 40 lbs to lose. But I think with this last 40 I will only weigh once a month and update from there.
Going out with the friends I told at work to celebrate tomorrow :) Gonna take an after photo of me tomorrow :)
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