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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

277.6 yay me!
I checked in with a totally weight lost this week of 3.4 for the Biggest Loser Challenge. Yay proud of myself oh I've even lost 3 inches also. So my totally weight lost now is 20.4 yay me. I'm working my butt off.

Even though I haven't updated my blog in some days been busy in the hospital with my oldest daughter, but I still manages to eat right and workout. I even went to this health food store not to far from my house to stock up on some healthier and organic foods. Doing the detox tea that really helps me out a bit. I'm drinking much more water now compared to when I first started I barely got in 4 glasses now I'm hit 7 and 8 now days.
brought me some more kick a** DVDs with Jillan toning everything up, I'm still hurting from yesterday ugh! Also got some more Taebo with Billy as I kick my way I to action. So this week really paid off as I can see that 3.4 shows. Hoping for 3 more pound weight lost for next week.

I'm eating good as ever. Buying lots of vegs and fruits. My kids never seen me cook so many vegs in a week they like MOM! Lol! But, they getting used to it though.

Okay that's my update. I thank all for the support you've all giving me with the encouraging comments on my blog or in the groups. Thanks.

Oh I'm in this Facebook group with a lot of ladies that set up a challenge to lose 10 pounds for the month of February I choose to aim for 12 pounds and we weight in yesterday that was our starting weight. Mines as of yesterday was 278.6 I'm aiming for 266 but rounding to get 265 by the end of February so wish me luck.

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