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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


When SparkPeople extended an invitation to all of us to apply for a "Free" "28 Day Boot Camp with Coach Nicole" DVD, I threw my hat into the ring, never imagining that I would be one of the winners. All we'd need to do is to fulfill a promise to write a review by the end of January, so here is mine.

This GREAT tool arrived only a little over one week ago, so I really haven't had much time to work with it, but what I have seen & done is superb. EXCELLENT!!

With three fitness trainers, Coach Nicole in the lead with Lindsey & Jewel accompanying her, this DVD is perfect for any fitness level, from beginners to intermediate, to advanced.

There is much more to this DVD than JUST a "28 Day Boot Camp" of exercises. You may choose to make your own workout by using Coach Nicole's suggestions, as YOU see fit, or you may want to go ahead and follow the schedule she's already made up for the 28 days. I decided to do the latter, even though I would not be able to complete it before writing this review.

Each of the 28 days begins with a ten-minute warm-up so that we may limber up and get our bodies ready for the intense workout which is on the agenda.

The 28 days are filled with four options; Cardio Burst, Short Cardio-Sculpt, Total Burn, and Total Body Challenge. Starting with 22 minutes, and progressing to a 60 minute workout by the last of the 28 days, all lengths of time include a ten-minute warm-up, as previously stated, and culminate with a ten-minute cool down.

Want more from the DVD, then just click on the Bonus Features which will bring you through Seated Abs Exercises, and 3 Tricks to Burn More Fat. Still want a little more? Check out the sections "From 'Exhale: Thighs & Glutes'" and "From 'Erin O'Brien: Strong Body, Ageless Body'"

Let me tell you, if you are TRULY serious about your health, and really want to focus on getting, and then keeping fit with exercise, then I highly recommend this DVD. I believe it could be one of the BEST investments you'll ever make in your lifetime.

My rating of this DVD is nothing less than:
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

EDIT: Thanks BARBIE176 for the reminder that this DVD can be purchased at Target stores, and also that SparkPeople members can get a $3.00 off Target coupon, PLUS 250 SparkPoints when they buy it at Target's.
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