Monday, January 30, 2012

We really need to learn the lesson of 'LIVING IN THE MOMENT' - the utter delight my dogs have in their play times, meal times and even bed times - yes - we have a routine.
but did you notice - they learn and remember where their toys are - where danger may be when they are warned - (although sometimes if it is a real 'neat place' they need to be constantly reminded) - but everyday is like their first.
there is no frown on their little faces in the morning - they are eager for their breakfast - and a romp in the yard (and other matters).
they are as exuberant at the door every time as if it were their first. WOW - wouldn't it be so wonderful if we humans could harness that - bottle it - and sell it - there would be no need for shrinks, prozac and the like.
my pugs and pom just live love and play like there is nothing left in the time and space continuum -
some times if mum is very cross - they will sit quietly for a moment or two, then approach me very quietly and look into my eyes. come on mum - it can't be all that bad - then they find a hand to lick - or bring me toys - some little distraction. of course the moment i acknowledge this help - they wag their tails so quickly and start to romp about.
everyday these little guys teach me love, tolerance, patience, kindness and most of all unconditional forgiveness no matter what.
WOW - we all need to stop look and listen!!! have a wonderful day - BB
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