Walking Across America with Two Spark Buddies, Come Join us!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Ok, so I found this walk across America site that seems to be government related and refers to some study someone wanted to about running but I don't see really any connection between our logging our distances and either the government or a study and that's just fine! I wanted some motivation to keep moving forward and had seen several people on Spark come up with their own virtual walks to some where. I think one lady was walking to South America to visit her daughter? Cool idea, but I am too lazy to come up with my own walk so when LASARRE mentioned this one in her blog, I jumped on it. Right now, we are still in Virginia, but hey, I am WALKING mostly with some running thrown in so I know it's going to take me ages to cross the country. And that's kind of the point! NWILKER and IAFARMERWIFE have joined me and by making them "partners" we can all see where we all are. We are counting walking, running, biking, elliptical, snow-shoeing, etc. Anything that gives you forward motion.

Here's what it looks like today-

Unfortunately, the web site is crappy and slow, so much so that I've been dreaming about starting my own virtual walking web site. Anyway, if anyone cares to join us, you can sign up and when you add any one of as your partner you will be magically placed right where that partner is on the map so there's no need to fret about catching up to us. You need our ID numbers, which are on the image above.

The site is exercise.lbl.gov/index.h
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