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My shopping experience

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I went shopping for clothes Saturday.
Normally these kinds of trips fill me with dread.
I needed a new pair of jeans and maybe a cute top to wear to my husband's work party. So off to Kohl's I go. I went straight to my regular spot in the plus size section. The section is a fairly small area tucked behind a much large selection of Misses sizes. I grabbed a couple pairs of pants I thought I might like and a blouse from the clearance rack. Off to the fitting room I go. Now one of the pants were the size 16w (the size I thought I was) and the other was a 14w(picked up for inspiration to get down to that size soon). I tried the 14 first (before I lost my nerve) and what do you know...THEY FIT WITH ROOM TO SPARE.
You must know that I thought this was a fluke-one of those weird brands that make their sizes a little roomier to make girls like me feel better about themselves. So I ignored the 16 and went out to grab a couple more 14's. (This time without the W behind the number.) I cringed as I went to button the first 14 I brought back, but they buttoned easily and the zipper went up without having to force it. Then I tried on 3 more pair and had a similar experience. By this time my head was spinning. Imagine the possibilities I was facing! I had graduated out of the plus sizes and moved on to the spacious Misses section!!
I quickly ran out of the fitting room(after I put the shabby oversized clothes I wore into the store back on.) I started wandering the racks and picking up more and more items. As I turned a corner I looked up and found even more racks of clothing I didn't even know were there. The misses section went on and on. I was working myself into a tiz! There were colors and styles I had never even contemplated. My 20 minute shopping trip had just turned into 40. As I was working my way back to the fitting room with an armload full of clothing, I got a call. It was my husband. He had been looking for me for about 10 minutes and had no idea where to find me. After I told him to meet me at the fitting room I went in to try more clothes on. I would put on an outfit, walk out to the mirror and twirl for his approval. He would nod and then I would throw my arms around his neck and whisper in his ear 14! I was giddy and he was amused. I ended up choosing 3 blouses and 2 pairs of pants by the time we checked out.

Then I dragged him to one of my favorite stores, Dress Barn, for another round. It felt a little unnatural to go to the right side of the store instead of the left where the big girl sizes are. I finally found the perfect jeans as well as some work pants, a blouse and a dress. He and I had the best time choosing things I haven't even thought about in at least 10 years.

I have to thank my elliptical workouts for this amazing experience. I have always been the girl who hated to workouts and found every excuse to avoid them. I will still whine every once in awhile about having to do the workouts, but I will then remember my Saturday shopping trip and get on that torturous contraption.

Perhaps next time I shop I can try a size 12!

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