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Need input on my jogging/walking situation

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Okay, many of you know from my now deleted posts that I discovered I could jog for very short intervals. Well, there's new wrinkles in my progress that I didn't take into consideration. The last week when I've actually been able to get outside and walk I've discovered a new problem when I jog that is now carrying over to walking. It may be carrying over just simply because I jogged and got the pain started though. At any rate, back in Sept. 1982 I had surgery on my left knee. Basically they had to move and rebuild my knee cap. They cut the bone and all and then put it back together and I have two screws there. Can't remember the exact location of the screws though. Anyway the last week or so when I've been out on my walk/jog with my dog, I have noticed pain just below my knee cap on my left leg. I don't know if maybe I'm landing funny when I jog, if it's my shoes or the road surface causing this. The streets/roads around here are the pits. They're not level by any means and in places very uneven and rough. So I don't know if that's the problem or what. Anyway the last two days I was able to get out and walk, I noticed it was happening more frequently and even when I walk. It's not constant or anything it just happens at random times. I might also mention that my left leg is just a little (1/2 inch to 1 inch) longer than my right leg because of scoliosis. I haven't jogged or run since I was in high school (I graduated in 1972) so I don't believe I've even tried since I had knee surgery in 1982. Any runners or joggers out there I would love to hear your input on this. Any suggestions on getting going too. I do have asthma so I'm taking it really easy until I learn how I'll react. That's a problem I was diagnosed with in 1997. So I'm trying to learn my new limits. I know today I got winded really quickly but I think it was because it was windy and the wind chill was around the low 40s to upper 30s out. I do know that when I lose more weight that will help my knees so that will help I'm sure but until then. Any and all suggestions are welcome from anyone. Thanks in advance for your help!
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    I would vote to do speed walking as it is not as jarring on the knees as jogging. Seeing the doc is a good idea, too. I used to speed walk a 15 minute mile the last time I was thin & in good shape! It really helped me but didn't hurt my knee. I had dislocated a knee in my teens.

    Also, perhaps jogging on a treadmill will give you the bounce to protect your knees? I know that walking on the treadmill as opposed to concrete helps me. I can only walk on dirt paths or it hurts me.
    2267 days ago
  • RAMONA1954
    Thanks for your input. I will see my doctor. I have a suspicion that my jogging with my dog on the leash is part of the problem. When I was just walking her earlier she jerked me to one side quickly as we were walking and I felt it in that knee. So I have a theory but I am going to check with my doctor.

    2269 days ago
    See your doctor!
    2270 days ago
    I am not a doctor but I would like to help you see actions others use for your interest. I was an aerobics instructor and CPR instructor in my past. Common sense is uncommon so here goes on a few points…

    Your back is out of alignment and the knee is taking up some of the bending sideways to compensate.
    See a chiropractor,
    Do some more stretching,
    or maybe some yoga to un-kink that joint and the surrounding support muscles very gently.

    Do you have the inch difference in the soles of your shoes to get an even weight pound on each step of both left and right?
    Orthopedic lift shoes might help here.

    The preventative idea can use some more of the trace sugars a specialist may know about to ensure pain control before you hit a great stride.
    Chondroitin and glutathione are found in some whole foods and in supplements -without sweeteners of corn cane or artificials- may be supported in supplements by a doctor of naturopathic medicines. (These and other joint healing inflammation reducing and actual repair tools are real and so are the winning effects. They are not going to remake a perfect joint only assist what you have.)
    Capsaicin and other pre-walking lotion might curb some of the delayed ouch.
    And stay hydrated at least one hour before going then recline for 10-20 minutes to move the body waters down and out. This action can help reduce the need to go while away from the restroom.

    To straighten the back, as much as possible of course, is improved by:
    Proper stretching before stressing and cooling down after, as needed;
    A visit to a Chiropractor once in a while;
    To overcome extreme temp times and get better sleep will help to revitalize.
    Try for special stretches and listen to a good coaches’ words of caution may help prevent a wrong step or recover faster with less pain and improved oxygen circulation for that recovery.
    You may have already heard most of what the dr. may have to say but want to hear it all again to catch and highlight certain ideas.

    Oh, yes allow a shorter trip to compensate for the extremes:
    in temps of too hot, of too cold;
    Extreme sun;
    Too much wind or wind chill;
    Days of higher humidity or pollution,
    All these variables can reduce a great workout into a poor felling after the event.
    Stay short but effective as a workout goal!

    As we age the trace minerals stored in tissues of muscle organ and bone diminish. Are you getting a good multi-compliment of:
    Balanced hormones, and enzymes?
    These help to pull out toxins, replenish nutrients in soft tissues, and prepare for the next on-slot of stresses.

    A newly designed special Velcro knee brace with custom cushions in strategically positioned places around those screw pressure points could help to minimize the wrong motions of wear. $$$

    But here is a tip not available for most people: ASK THE SPARK PEOPLE COACHES!
    These pro’s are in your corner.

    2271 days ago
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