Me intimidated by a chunk of steel?? Sadly, yes.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I remember back in the late 80s looking at pictures of female bodybuilders with my sister and both of us saying how beautiful we thought they were and how much we would love to look like them!

Fast forward 20 years and I have several books related to weight training, some specifically for women and some general in nature, I have a gym membership, I buy Oxygen magazine and marvel over the beautiful bodies, BUT I can't find the will to start. emoticon

I know I'm afraid to go to the gym by myself and workout alone or look like a dork using the machines. But I wish I wasn't and I have to find a way to get past that. Has anyone else been in a similar position? What did you do to by-pass this silly fear?? I don't have the $ for a trainer, so that's not an option for me. And I don't know anyone who is interested in the same sort of training.
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    I am interested in the same type of stuff...and I live in Az...what part of town are you in? Come on out to the rally on the 14th and we can meet!

    3212 days ago
    My husband is a basketball coach, and I used to go to the high school weight room at night or on weekends to use the machines. As I've gotten older, though, I prefer to work out at home. We have a basic bench with weights on the patio, and I bought some free weights and a smaller bar that I can use with a stability ball. If you want to use the weights at the gym, find a friend that knows how to use the equipment to go with you a time or two, or ask someone who works there for a few directions. You might be able to find instructions on youtube, too. Once someone shows you the basics, they aren't difficult to use. You can do it!
    3274 days ago
    Hi Marti!

    In my experience with gyms, most of them offer a free visit with a trainer or someone that can show you how to use the machines mostly because they dont want anyone getting hurt but also because they are going to try to get you to pay for training, I always say no. When I first started, I would do a lot of cardio and watch the people on the machines, then I would pick one new one to try each time in addition to the ones that the trainer had shown me. Its always intimidating at first, but more than likely, if people are concentrating on their own workout, they arent looking at you. And if they are looking at you, then they arent getting the most out of their time at the gym. You can also search on youtube about using gym machines.. that may help.

    emoticon Just put on some rockin' tunes, roll your shoulders back, stroll up to the machine and show it who's boss!!! emoticon

    emoticon Tara
    3274 days ago

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    You know, the other day I went to the gym, and while I was using the treadmill I was looking around at people using various other machines. One woman was on the stair-stepper, and I could tell she thought she was really hot stuff. She would extend her leg out each time she took a step up to the next step (like she could go SO MUCH FASTER than the machine) -- but you know what? Secretly I thought she looked like a fool cause her forearms were laying on the support bar and her butt was sticking way out (and she had a big one too!) SHE looked like a dork! And SHE thought she was HOT!

    So don't worry how you look! The important thing is being out there and doing the stuff. Even if you do only one or two of the machines, then next time you go maybe you do 3 or 4 of the machines -- till pretty soon you are doing FABULOUS! You be the watcher! You'll see how other people do it, and you won't even have to ask for assistance.
    3274 days ago
    Been there, done that. In fact, I actually need to get back into a gym, to try to strengthen my leg muscles. I lost a lot over the six years of pain before my hip replacement, and I want it back, and more! Back in the 80's, Rachel McLish was my idol. She was the epitome of feminine beauty to me. In fact, I have pictures of her on my SparkPage, from when she was competing.
    You already have a gym membership; just go, have someone on staff show you how to use the machines, and just do it! You're letting the thought of looking like a dork stop you? Geeze, if I thought like that I'd never leave the house! I've reached the age where I don't really care what other people think about what I'm doing; it's what I think that's important! Once you get in there, and make it a habit, get stronger, feel better, and get some sexy muscles going, you are never gonna look back, girlfriend! My problem is trying to fit the gym membership into the budget, but it's gonna happen. So, let's both go to the gym, eh? emoticon Deb
    3275 days ago
    Everyone has been new at one time. When I had a gym membership I used to help new people with the equipment if I noticed them having trouble or if they asked for help. It only takes a second so most people don't mind helping. Also, your gym might offer a free session, or two or three sessions, with a trainer to learn the equipment.
    3275 days ago
    I thin this is a common intimidation! YOu can do it!
    3275 days ago
    I know its hard, but most of the time people dont look at you like you do. Ask the staff for help, they will show you how to use the machines. And if they have classes, try them. Alot of gyms have ST classes. But the bottom line, who cares what anyone thinks-you are doing this for you!
    3275 days ago
    MArti - Call me!! We will go to the gym and do the machines! I hate going to the gym along too You know this!!
    3276 days ago
  • TEMPEST272002
    I'm not comfie at the gym either. My favourite ST workouts come from a $25 book: You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren. Check it out!
    3276 days ago
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    Hi Marti --
    I can't say I have ever wanted to be like a female bodybuilder, however, being toned again would be nice.
    Funny thing, even though I used machines for years, I have trouble getting motivated to use them now. I lost my old list of machines with settings I could/should use -- which means taking extra time to set up the machines so that I can begin every time I go. Eventually, I can figure it out, but I need the checklist to feel like I am doing the right thing. (Strange, huh?!) I think I just need to ask for a blank sheet and get re-started that way. Hopefully, one of the trainers will be willing to help if I am not sure about a setting for a particular machine.
    Another thing you could do, is head to the gym at times when it isn't so busy. Not as many people waiting around to use the same machines can make it a bit more relaxing. Years ago, I belonged to a club that was cheaper and always busy. I hated having people standing nearby waiting for my treadmill or for me to finish my reps on the ab machine or whatever. I did not renew my membership there.
    I think, most people are probably focused on themselves and their workouts that they don't pay any attention to others. So, don't feel like a dork. Just do your thing!
    3276 days ago
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    Everyone is new to the gym at some point. If you go to a gym, try to get a free day pass, or even a 7-day pass to let you try it out at several times to see if you really like it. Also, make sure they give you a tour of the gym, and see if they have a free trainer session to teach you how to use machines you don't know how to use. Most gyms I've visited or have been apart of give you at least one free session.

    I actually usually stay away from the free weights and use the ST machines cause I don't know what to do on the free weights unless someone else is with me to show me what to do. Maybe if you go to the gym, all you'll do is spend time on the treadmill and that's okay. Just be comfortable and you can slowly step out of your comfort zone as time progresses.

    Biggest thing is just like when we look in the mirror we have to see ourselves as beautiful instead of the fat girl we used to be. Same thing in the gym, we have to focus on ourselves and how we feel, and not what other people think about us.
    3276 days ago

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    I identify with you 100%. The first time I went to my gym I sat down in the machine where you press the two paddles together. I couldn't budge it! A lady who was also working out started laughing and came over to help me. It seems the machine was set so high she couldn't move it either! I didn't even know you had to reset them every time you use them! LOL She told me everyone is new at some point and people are so into themselves they're not watching you! We both had a good laugh, both at the machine and at ourselves. And I've even helped new people myself. You can do it! Lizzie emoticon
    3276 days ago

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    I have been in the same places as you and thought of how everyone thinks i look but you have to be not afraid and not worry if you do look like a dork only you think this and if anyone else does than thats them dont pay attention to anyone do this for you i no you can do this you use to rock working out if i was close to you we would workout every day so i want to hear you made it to the gym and have a great workout you will make friends but you have to make the first step so take care and go have a great workout.

    3276 days ago
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