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Saturday, January 28, 2012

For my husband's Christmas present, I scored front row seats to TobyMac Unplugged. He LOVES TobyMac and I almost couldn't keep the secret because I was soooo excited! Front row?!?! I love giving 'memories' gifts rather than material gifts because it is just another thing we can add to our experiences together. The concert wasn't until January 21st so we waited anxiously for the day to come. The day FINALLY came and we made our way to Sioux City, IA, about a 90 minute drive.

We arrived pretty early in Sioux City so we walked around downtown (there isn't much lol) and found a cute little museum. It was really nice and we spent an hour or so roaming around. I then asked Ken to choose a restaurant and he picked a place called Diamond Thai. To be quite honest I wasn't super thrilled because Thai food is hit or miss for me but Ken really loves it and it was his day :) So we went and OMG it was a hole in the wall but it was the best Thai food we had ever had. Ken has had Thai food all over the country and this place was the best BY FAR. Our waitress was this tiny, cute old women who we couldn't understand at all but she made the experience so awesome. I had a basil noodle dish with chicken and veggies and I ate until I was more than satisfied. I wanted to take the leftovers but I ended up deciding against it because I didn't want the car to stink after the concert :)

We may go back to Sioux City JUST to eat here again!

It was finally time to head to the concert hall. It was at the Orpheum so we knew it would be a very intimate show. We ended up scoring parking right outside the venue (it was freezing!) and when they scanned our tickets, they surprised us with VIP passes! We got autographed pictures and a DVD. Pretty sweet!

We stopped at the merchandise table on our way in. Jamie Grace (love her!!) was the opening act and she had this awesome gray hoodie that said God Girl in pink on the front and I sooo wanted it. The only sizes they had were youth small and youth medium and I asked the lady to see the youth medium. She said, "Well it is very tiny but you are too... so it might fit!" I wish she knew how much that comment means to me. It was VERY tiny and I didn't even want to try it on. It would have been way too short! I ended up getting a ladies green TobyMac tee that says Label Me a Jesus Freak. Pretty cool :)

We walked around and took some pictures. Check 'em out!

We made our way to our seats and we could literally touch the stage. We could NOT believe how close we were. Jamie Grace came out first and, boy, that girl can sing. Her lyrics are so powerful and she is such a wonderful woman of God. If you get a chance to see her, GO!!

Toby and Jamie sang their song "Hold Me" together which was awesome!

After the intermission it was Toby's turn to perform. It was super laid back and only half of his band was with him. He told stories about how his songs came to be and also how he met the members of his band. It was very powerful and he, as always, had a great message to go along with his performance. We shook his hand at the end of the show and he left with a great prayer. He involved the crowd and reminded us that we are all a family. It was awesome! After the performance the crowd was going nuts! They came back out and said, "Um... this really isn't an encore type of performance but we can do one song." You could totally tell they were going off the top of their head. Toby had the wrong earpiece and had to switch with the pianist. The guitar player told them to play what key to play in and after the first song they did three more, including Jesus freak :) It was so awesome! Great memories :) It was the 5th time we had seen him and I think it was in the top two for sure!

After the concert we met Jamie and got her autograph. I'm not sure why we didn't get a picture with her but here are two that Ken took.

This concert was so worth the wait and a great gift for my husband. If you get a chance to see Toby or Jamie, it is worth every penny. God uses these two people for great things and we were so blessed to get to experience this together!
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