Saturday, January 28, 2012

I want the garage.
A while back we had talked about making it into a fitness area and he said if I cleaned it out I could have it. But I never got access to a truck. Today he cleaned out the whole thing and I really really really want it for working out in. It's perfect space for me to dance in and the floor is perfect for what I need to do. And I can put our tv that we dont' care about in there so if someone broke in they would just get a crappy tv. And and AND I could invite friends over to dance with me instead of having to go to their house.
He accidently gave away my bike today. This guy asked if he could have some of the stuff Josh had cleared out and Josh pointed to the stuff we were getting rid of. He forgot my bike was right by that pile. So my sister said "Instead of a new bike he should give you that garage." but I don't want him to feel bad about the bike.
So I'm just going to hope that after we talk about it... I get my way lol

Update: Josh said as long as I can put the tv up and clean up whenever I'm done it's exactly what he wanted for the room. He just wants to be able to pull his car in to work on it every now and then :) LOVE MY JOSHY!
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