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Woo! Intervals, PMS and carbs

Saturday, January 28, 2012

There is nothing better than a super sweaty workout session, and an amazing, deep-cleansing shower after. I feel great today because I started my day off working out, and I did my first day of the women's health interval running training. It was pretty nice, not too hard. Week 1 is just 4 mins walking, 1 minute running. I left the paper at home that told me exactly how to do it, which is apparently 10 mins walking, alternating 6 mins running and walking 1 min each, and then a 4 minute walk to end it. But I'll definitely do it right the next time, especially since that's a short exercise!

Today I started with the elliptical and did that for a good 22 mins (weird number lol). I find that I run a lot smoother and with less strain when I start out on the bike or elliptical because it really oils up my muscles. If you're having trouble running or feel burnt out, try that. It definitely helps me and hopefully it does the same for you :)

Yesterday, I was PMS face to the max. I ate literally all day. I couldn't believe it! I ate healthy things, granted (except Reese's and nutella...don't judge me), but it was an all day event. I told you, my PMS is no joke. I felt horrible after though, which is why I went so crazy at the gym today because I felt guilty. I woke up this morning weighing 232! I was not having that. But after the gym, I worked it off and was back at 230.4. Trying to go forward, not backward. It really showed me that I need to CONTROL myself. This is so difficult to do sometimes, as I can see, but it needs to be done. I should always work hard in the gym, but I felt like I had to kill myself there today just to get close to working off some of the damage. I want to feel like I worked off the fat in the gym, not the excess food that I didn't even have to work off in the first place. I don't want to break even - I want to LOSE it.

Funny story though. Last night, even though I was trying to be somewhat good in my binging (haha), I went to the vending machine to get honey wheat pretzels...for my nutella (this isn't as funny so much as it is embarrassing). Well the period gods were testing me, because as my pretzels dropped, so did a free Reese's. Yes. That happened. It's like...can a girl catch a break?! Next thing I'm gonna look out the window and it will be raining Hersey's Kisses. Anyway, I gave 2 of the cups to my friend, and had one. Yes. One too many. I know, I know. All in all, that's my funny story out of all of this madness.

I'm currently laying in bed, relaxing my muscles. I feel really great about my workout today, and intend to keep firm in my healthy eating. I'm going low carb to jump start my weight loss a little and help me have more energy when I work out. I know carbs give you energy but I want more sustainable energy, like from veggies. Plus I find that when my calories go to carbs, I'm hungrier faster. If I eat 200 cals worth of fruits/veggies instead of breads, I don't feel the need to eat as much. I will admit, low carb won't be the lifestyle change, but I also don't plan on diving back into mounds of bread anytime soon either. I'll let you know how it goes!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
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    I know what you mean about some cardio seeming easier to warm the muscles up before doing other things. And, mmmmm yes, a nice hot shower after is amazing!

    3475 days ago
    Try not to do it all at once. Start with one & then add a little at a time...Sweets is never a laughing matter to me. That was a blessing! lol

    God bless & enjoy everyday!

    3475 days ago
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