its unofficial but im still excited!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ok so it's only day 3 of my "new" meal plan and guess what..the scale said that I was down almost 3 lbs!! Official weigh in isn't until next friday but as for this moment I am super excited!!

It has been a stressful week so Im sure i can factor that in as well. Can't wait for my day off tomorrow so I can spend time with my family!! It has been such a long and crazy week!

Also planning to get back to the gym this weekend as I only made it there twice this week..not such a big deal since I walked alot where I was working this week. Lots of cardio and I think I am going to start my strength training this week. My birthday is a little less than a month away and I want to lose at least 5-10 lbs by then(I know it's alot but with a little focus I know I can do it!)

Not much of a blog today but I was excited when i saw the scale this morning so I had to write it down!! Love these blogs especially because I can look back on them at the end of my journey and see what I was going through at the beginning of this journey!

Happy Saturday Everyone!
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