Parafango body wrap from heaven!

Friday, January 27, 2012

For Christmas Josh got me a spa certificate for a swedish massage and a parafango body wrap. It kept getting put off and getting put off but today I finally used it.
A little story here that has nothing to do with the wrap- while getting ready I got out of the shower and realized I left my duffel bag with hair brush and everything in the car. So I ran to my closet for a pair of pajama pants to toss on so I could walk outside. I didn't want to get down a clean pair to put on for just a few min so I grabbed one of my pajama bottoms from the laundry pile (haven't done laundry in 3 days). As soon as I put them on I felt these pricks all over my legs and ripped the pants back off. There were AT LEAST a hundred ants all over my legs. I would like to say that was an embellishment but I literally had black patches of ants all over my legs. Apparently we have an ant problem in our wall by the bathroom which is right by where my clothes pile was and they must have smelt the lotion I use on my legs. I don't know but they were all over in that pile. So I had to take benadryl and sent Josh a pic of the leg I could still raise because the other was so swollen within seconds.
Anyways I still went to my spa treatment.
First was the massage. HEAVEN. The lady did this thing with my spine where she rubbed out to the corners and I could literally feel my shoulder blades pop. And I told he I carry so much tension in my lower back because of dance and small hips and off setting my step for my partial foot (thats at least where I think the pain is coming from). She pushed in and mentioned four points that I needed to get looked at that were throwing me off and then pushed as hard as she could in on them to where they relaxed immediately.
Then was the best part. I had a parafango body wrap. She did the stuff to my body in sections. But with each section she would rub this cellulite reducer something on and then paint on this mixture of mud and wax. She put it over every part of me other than my feet, butt cheeks, my woohoo, and my face. Yes she even painted the boobies. And it's like really really warm. Not scalding but definitely like hot wax. Then she would wrap it in clear wrap. When she covered me she heated up the table, covered me in hot towels, put on some Asian peace music, lit some scented candles, turned out the lights, and let me sleep for 45 min. I have never woken up so comfortable in my life. It was literally the most peaceful sleep I've ever had. I don't know if you're supposed to sleep but I doubt you can be that comfortable and not fall asleep.
I was really nervous about being naked in front of a stranger with my extra skin and everything but she made it really comfortable for me.
They had a big spa bath in the room so I asked what it was for and she said there's a chocolate something bath (she told me the name but my brain froze on chocolate) and a hot mud bath. I'm going to actually go back and do the mud bath in April.
So if you're looking for a reward to give yourself for weight lost... I would recommend this.
And watch your pants for ants.
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    did the wrap soothe the bites at all?
    2852 days ago
    Ewwww to the ants!

    But the spa wrap sounds amazing... my mom got me a similar package for Christmas (and one for herself) at a spa in the casino! We're going in March when my show is on hiatus. I can't wait!! emoticon
    2852 days ago
    OMG that ant thing would have ruined my day! Have you gotten that taken care of?

    As for the massage, sounds dreamy! I actually get a discount through work at our Spa but haven't gone yet. I'm not ready for someone to see me in all my glory. Maybe in 30 lbs or so *grin*
    2853 days ago
    Sounds like fire ants and you need to get some Dawn on the bites as soon a possible that will help take the poison out of them. They will get a white spot where they stung you and then intense itching will follow. NOT fun.. We have those here in Florida and they were there in Texas when we were there in the 80's, That is when I first encountered them. Nasty little buggers.
    2854 days ago
    so jealous of the spa, never been to one!
    Stupid ants.

    Tell me again about this partial foot....?
    2854 days ago
  • _JODI404
    OMG those ant bites! emoticon We had an ant problem at our apt, it was a mess. Very hard to get rid of, took so much time and energy. They do seem to like closets and clothes. Hope the benadryl takes the pain away.

    Your spa trip sounds like heaven!! What an awesome gift!
    I almost always ask for spa gift cards for any special occasion w/ hubby. It really is the best gift to me.

    2854 days ago
    So sorry about the ants. They kept getting in my laundry basket over the summer because of the drought so I know how painful those bites can be.

    The spa trip sounds fun. emoticon
    2854 days ago
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