Just 1 French Fry!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Yes ladies you're reading that, but I don't think you know how the direction of this story will go...

I only ate 1 french fry! I was able to have a starch and had whipped up some mash potatoes...but of course my hubby who is 6'4" and weighs a whole 180 would of course eat McDonalds....I'm telling you we should buy stock in it with the way he eats it. Any how I was sooo proud of myself for just eating 1!!!!

I'm also proud of myself for making a concious decision regarding food. Someone in the office got Teriyaki, and it sounded soooo good, but I said to myself, does it sound good because you're hungry, or does it sound good because of your past...I chose the later because I wasn't hungry and I didn't need it. I did the same thing with Quizno....although I'm fairly sure you can make Quiznos work. But it's just making the concisous decision not to eat because I can, but eat because I need to.
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